This outfit is a funny story actually because.... the main piece was bought at Goodwill. Yes, you heard me, Goodwill. Now, I have always been for thrifting, but I hadn't gone in a long time so I was like hey, lets give it a shot (& hey, everything's only like $3). I completely forgot how many amazing finds are discovered while thrifting. I went to look for skirts, a denim one specifically, and as you can see I found the perfect one along with MANY other fab non-denim skirts. I know a lot of people are wiry about this trend coming back around, but I think you need to give it a chance before you put dead bolts on the idea of you ever wearing them. 1) because they're comfortable and easy to throw on and 2) its such a nice and refreshing break from denim shorts. I don't know about you, but I've been getting so bored of the cute top & denim shorts look. And living in Florida, there's not too many outfit combo's for looking cute and comfortable in the heat. So, I decided that I definitely need to invest in some more skirts just to switch up my summer go-to look. It was honestly so nice to change it up and not be restricted to plain denim shorts; with this skirt, I could still throw on a cute top, but the outfit ended up looking a lot more complex than it actually was! It's always awesome when you can trick people into thinking you look elaborate, when really its such an easy thing to piece together.

What really tied the look together were the pieces I used to accessorize it with. I took this brown braided fringed belt and tied it around the skirt to kind of keep it in place and more tight around my waist, while also giving the skirt a little more flare.

I'm not one to go for those bulky, short-necked statement necklaces; I love the long chained necklaces that make the whole outfit. So with that being said, I took this necklace that I ordered from dawnandcopperdesigns on Etsy that I'm absolutely obsessed with and it definitely was the perfect little touch to this outfit. What's even better is that the fringe on the necklace is leather. So freaking cool. Definitely check out her Etsy store because I wanted to buy like everything on there. (They're all handmade!)

Oh, and this last fringe item is the Steve Madden bag that I got at DSW for like so so cheap. The bag speaks for itself.












Hat: Forever 21

Bralette: Romwe

Shirt: Splendid

Skirt: Goodwill

Shoes: Steve Madden

Belt: Forever 21

Necklace: Dawnandcopperdesigns

Watch: Jord

Bangles: Susie Q

Sunglasses: Quay

Make sure to follow Dawnandcopperdesigns on her Instagram where you can keep up with all of the items she's either listed or is going to list soon! Click that link or just type in "dawnandcopperdesigns" on Instagram. I hope you have a fabulous day!

Stay thrifting💳👒,