Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok... I'm going to New York on Wednesday!!!

AHHH. I am beyond excited. New York is one of the places my family tries to make room for in the summer each year, but this year we weren't sure when we could make it work. With my brother's crazy golf schedule, my dad's TV schedule, and just everything else that's going on in our lives it has been a "we'll see" trip every time I asked about it. However, I am here to say that my wonderful mother has made room for her and I to go up next week!!!😄😜☺️🙈😆 New York trips have always been my favorite just for the obvious reasons: the upbeat hustle and bustle of the city, the diversity of the people you see on the streets, the awesome plays, and the most amazing places to eat and shop. I mean what more can a motivated, fashion obsessed, and food-loving person ever dream of. But the perspective of this trip will be different. I am going to try and imagine myself in the city. Living there. Walking the streets as a local. Because this trip I am going to visit the Fashion Institute of Technology!!!!! When I was little I always imagined myself living in New York at some point. As I've gotten older, the idea sort of wasn't as appealing or exciting to me. I started thinking, maybe staying in the south-east, but out of florida, is best; not too far, not to close. Although, I have a feeling that when I get up there I'm going to fall in love with FIT. And that is both scary and invigorating to me.

I wanted to share with you a few of the things my mom and I will be doing and what our "unofficial" plan is as of now! I get a lot of questions about what my favorite things to do and places to eat are in NYC, so I hope this will also help answer some of those!


We'll fly into NY around noon and hopefully be able to check into our hotel right away! We're staying at a little boutique style hotel right near FIT which I am super excited about. Boutique style hotels in NY are my favorite to stay in. Yes, the rooms are rather small, but the hotels are always so different and creative looking it always puts and keeps me in a better mood! (Some of my favs we've stayed at is the Archer Hotel and The Chatwal). After we've checked in we'll go eat lunch at my favorite little restaurant Serendipity. Foot-long hot dogs. Frozen hot chocolate. That's all I'm gonna say. We'll probably go to Soho and shop for a couple of hours and then later, around 8 pm, we're going to see the play Fish In the Dark by Larry Davis which I'm supppper excited to see!


We'll eat breakfast down in the hotel's restaurant and then head to do a SoulCycle class! SoulCycle is a spin class where they play music super loud, turn the lights off and light candles, and have the most amazing and energetic instructors. You don't even realize you're working out it's that fun. I've been dyyinnng to do another one of these classes since last summer. They don't have them here in FL which I'm very mad about. Afterwards is when we'll go see FIT and then we'll most likely shop some more and get dinner some where!


We might either stay and meet up with one of my Aunt's friends, have lunch, and see her apartment, or keep our flight and head home. Finger's crossed for the first option!!

I cannot wait to just be in NYC next week. Make sure you're following me on my social media accounts so you can keep up with all of the pretty pictures I take and fun things I do in the city!

Stay adventurous 🙊😝✈️,