I'm not sure what possessed me to share these with you because a) I canNOT draw for the life of me and b) I am not a designer; however, I've had a lot of down time recently (not by choice) (I have no friends) and I happened to stumble upon my sketch book (I don't take an art class) (I don't know why I have a sketch book either). In it I found this one design that I drew up about 3 months ago and it gave me the idea to start doodling again. Surprisingly, it was quite easy to come up with ideas. I just kept turning page after page and drawing design after design. Like I said, I'm no designer, but I was just having a lot of fun exploring my creative and imaginative side through drawing clothing designs! Here are some of the things I came up with:

Spread your wings

This is a top and shorts with fringey, stringy like pieces hanging from the bottom of them. I got the inspiration by looking at butterfly wings to be completely honest, lol. Can you see the resemblance (the top) now?

Denim dreams

I've been really into denim recently and top & bottom sets have been a really big trend as well; so, I combined the two and made a denim set! Really tempted to buy denim fabric and scrappily attempt to sew this outfit together.

All the tight moves

This was the design I drew up about 3 months ago that inspired me to start doodling again. It's sort of a Kim Kardashian inspired look. I was really into the set trend, like I said before, and also midi-length anything.

Sunsets and sheer

I was determined to create a floor-length sort of cardigan/kimono piece that also incorporated mesh/sheer. Then I needed something to put underneath and so this romper sort of just appeared! I wanted to create some design on the romper that was subtle and not too obnoxious. I imagine this all the same texture/fabric and very pastel shades that aren't too vibrant. I think I should've made the colors on the romper blues and purples to match more with the kimono, but I love the romper by itself and how it resembles a sunset.

Geometric generationGeometric generation back

I would so wear this dress to prom if it was real. I guess I was on a mesh kick when I drew these, but I love how the mesh midsection divides up the solidness of the dress and creates this geometric vibe. I continued with the sharpness and created a slit in the middle of the dress so it opens up and shows leg. I wanted to make the dress open back because I think its very flattering, so I made a mesh trim on the back that aligns with the v-cut.

Please leave me feedback on my designs!! I would love to hear if you have any suggestions, critiques, or any other comments down below!

Stay doodling✏️✏️,