The view from our hotel room is pretty cute:

IMG_4248 IMG_4250 IMG_4252

Today was pretty exciting for both my mom and I! Exciting for her because we did her favorite thing (exercising) at one of her favorite places to do it, Soul Cycle! If you don't know what SoulCycle is click here or here! It's a spin class, however it's spin like you've never experienced before. It's one of the things we miss about the city when we leave!


We stopped at a cute flower shop that was on the way back to our hotel! There's a ton of these around the city and it's so pretty seeing the pops of color from the flowers on the streets!

IMG_4264 IMG_4265

For lunch, we stopped at this bar/grill called Rouge that had the cutest outside patio!

IMG_4268 IMG_4270IMG_4267

The next thing we did was tour FIT... and I was surprising let down. Let me give you some background before I start into my opinions. So, I'm really interested in fashion, obviously, and I thought I wanted to go into fashion merchandising. As I got more information on the major, I learned that I'm not so interested in the buying and selling part (so basically all of it, lol), but more so the styling. I've also always been big into writing and it's always been my strong point, so I learned throughout this process that I would love to combine the two; fashion and writing that is. That being said, around the end of this previous school year I visited SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and fell in love. They're more of a smaller school, but are the best for fashion in the south and have a lot of connections with quality companies. Savannah is beautiful and everything from the dorms to the class/workrooms were clean, creative, and modern. Now, FIT is obviously undoubtedly a GREAT school for fashion and if you know what you want to do for sure, you can't beat it. However, going into the tour today and after the information session, I had a lot of confusion with what major I wanted to go under. Afterwards, my mother and I went to talk to the admissions counselor where I told her that I'm interested in writing (have a blog) and would like to maybe work for a fashion magazine. She told me what major that would be under and I proceeded to ask if I did that, if I could take any fashion courses on the side or as a minor. She told me that I couldn't minor in a major (which makes sense), but what didn't make sense was why I couldn't dabble into the things I'm interested in by taking a few classes in other areas? Aside from that, the dorms and classrooms were not impressive. If I compared the campuses, at SCAD you get a more modern, creative, and inspiring vibe, whereas FIT just looked old and tired. When I got back to my hotel room I live chatted with a SCAD admissions counselor and asked them some questions in areas I was confused about. By the end of the conversation after telling the lady all my interests and career paths I would like to go down, we figured out I could major in writing WHILE minoring in fashion marketing and management, something FIT did not offer. All in all, it's about what I'm going to be offered (education wise) and I was disappointed in FIT because they didn't provide flexibility or variety/options. Either way, the decision (if I get into both) will be hard since SCAD offers what I want, but FIT has the most inspiring thing there is, THE CITY.


Afterwards, we went and checked out the Whitney Museum which was fabulous! On the top floor, they had a rooftop cafe where we had a few apps! The museum's exhibition showcases "the themes, ideas, beliefs, and passions that have galvanized American artists" (via Whitney Museum). It was very interesting seeing art inspired by the events that happened during each decade in America displayed! My mom was funny because there was literally just a canvas painted straight red on display and she's like, "that's art?" It's comical because it literally looks like my dog could paint some of those paintings; however, I guess you have to be an over analyzer and think more deeply while looking at the art. I don't know I sort of wish there was a guide that walked around with us and told us the meaning behind each object! My mom just wishes she had a glass of wine in her hand.

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After the museum, we walked around the Meat Packing District and looked in a few shops, saw a couple of cool markets, and ate dinner at The Chester with a family friend!

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Top: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: Goodwill

Shoes: Tory Burch

Purse: Kate Spade

Sunglasses: Henri Bendel 

Bangles: (Bulkier one) Forema Boutique & (smaller one) SusieQ

Stay inspired🌇💭,