I was scrolling through my always inspirational and sometimes incredibly satirical Tumblr feed and stumbled upon this post:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.01.17 PM

It got me thinking. How can we get those who answer 'no' in their heads to 'absolutely' when reading this question. Of course, everyone has their flaws. We're probably all highly aware of what they are and most likely are wishing we could change them; however, despite our imperfections, we should want to be ourselves. Because in reality we cannot choose to be anyone else. How about instead of shaming ourselves for the flaws we can potentially change and love, we strive to actually change them. Or if we try to accept and be comfortable with the flaws we can not help. Being at peace with who you are and what you look like will set you free from all the worrying, stressing, and diminishing and allow you to possess all of the happiness that each and every one of us deserves: SELF LOVE. There's only one you; treasure, cherish, and embrace it.