We got up and headed for another hike yesterday morning and boy did it kick Lucas and I's butt lol. We thought it couldn't get harder than our hike the day before, but we were for sure wrong! It was called "Sunnyside trail" and the only thing that made this hike more enjoyable than Smuggler's was the view. The actual trail was pretty rocky, but on each side were little clusters of flowers growing everywhere and bushes; some areas opened up and you saw the unbelievable picturesque view of the mountains and the town! Here are all of the fantastic pictures:

I was trying to decide between hiking boots I found at the house and my Nike's which ARE NOT recommended for hiking... I know that because I chose the Nike's lol.


IMG_4572 IMG_4571 IMG_4566 IMG_4560

This is probably my favorite picture I've taken so far. I was so fascinated by how the peak of the mountain was higher than the clouds for some reason. 


Also, the amazing houses scattered all across the mountain were unreal and very enormous lol. 

IMG_4583 IMG_4580 IMG_4578 IMG_4577 IMG_4576 IMG_4575 IMG_4574

IMG_4594 IMG_4592 IMG_4591 IMG_4583

After our hike, we had lunch at this wonderful little cafe place called Peaches. I had a quinoa bowl and a delicious granola-acai-apple juice-banana-and-something else, smoothie. Such a cute little atmosphere; you can tell it's good before even looking at the menu because the line is ALWAYS long. I LOVED this quinoa bowl so much I'm determined to make one for myself when I get home. 

IMG_4604 IMG_4603 IMG_4602 IMG_4601

Here's what I wore to the golf course and to dinner:

IMG_4609 IMG_4613 IMG_4614 IMG_4620 IMG_4638 IMG_4640

Sunglasses: Dot Dash

Jean Vest: True Religion

Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Shorts: Missguided

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Stay finding cute little nooks to eat☺️👍🏽🍲🍧,