Yesterday was probably the most productive, fun, unreal, and tiring day of the trip so far. We hung out with our friend Andy Mill (who is probably the greatest guy you'll ever meet, click here if you want to know who and how awesome he is) and he took us all the way up Independence pass to 13,000 ft where we walked off the trail and on the continental divide looking at Elk through his binoculars. We were going to hike all the way up to the saddle and over the divide, but it was blowing like 40 mph and way to cold to do that for three hours. As we hiked off of the trail, there were patches of snow still sticking to the ground... yes, snow.

IMG_4647 IMG_4648 IMG_4650 IMG_4652

Ever seen snow in August? Now you have.

IMG_4665 IMG_4664 IMG_4662 IMG_4657 IMG_4656 IMG_4653

Andy is big into hunting, especially Elk, so he tried to see if he could scope some out. He actually found some and we got to see them through the binoculars; it was really beautiful.

IMG_4669 IMG_4667 IMG_4678

Here are the rest of the neat little things we did and took pictures of:

IMG_4677 IMG_4674 IMG_4672 IMG_4671

IMG_4696 IMG_4689 IMG_4688 IMG_4685 IMG_4682

Afterwards, we ate steaks and sausages at Andy's house from the Elk that he killed last year. We hiked the rest of the Sunnyside trail Lucas and I hiked the day before, since Andy's place leads into the trail! Then we headed over to Kevin Costner's property (because Andy is friends with him) which is magnificent and canoed, fished, and fly-fished! Andy is also a World Class fly-fisherman and was teaching Lucas how to do it! My dad caught two, Lucas caught one, and I caught 0... except I did reel one in that Andy casted, if that counts😃

IMG_4713 IMG_4721 IMG_4719 IMG_4715 IMG_4712 IMG_4711 IMG_4708 IMG_4706

We went to dinner at Jimmy's, one of my parent's favorite American restaurant's in Aspen, and by the time I was done eating I wanted to pass out I was so exhausted. With realizing we've been 'go go go' each day, we decided we needed a couple extra days to do everything we wanted to do; so, we even extended our trip to Sunday instead of Friday. We come here twice every year and it still doesn't get old. This place is the dream. Off to go see the Ice Caves!

Stay outdoors😝🌲🌻🌞🌊,