Surprisingly, I would say yesterday was our LEAST productive day of the trip because we didn't have something going on morning, afternoon, and night; however, it was probably the most intense day we've had overall because we went White Water Rafting. We rafted on the Arkansas river and the rapids we went down were called 'The Numbers'. It was the more adventurous rafting trip with class 4 rapids and it was such a blast. We took Aspen White Water Rafting company and our guide was so so awesome! He even told us we should try a class 5 because we were good enough! (So, if you're ever in Aspen and want to raft, use that company, and request Neil)!

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IMG_5008 IMG_5009  IMG_5011

On the way back to Aspen, our tour guide stopped at this little town called Twin Lakes and it is literally a population of 25 people. 25 people. He gave us 'The Grand Tour' in 2 minutes, lol! We got some snacks at the little gas station/convenient store and headed back to town!

IMG_5012 IMG_5015 IMG_5020 IMG_5022

Today is our last day in Aspen😓😢😭😪😩😰. We're all so sad to leave, but we've literally had the time of our lives here!

Stay traveling🌐✈️,