I got a request to put together some back to school outfits and I thought it was a great idea! I'm sure many of you know, but I go to private school, so I don't get to wear whatever I want. Although, we do have dress down days (wear-whatever-you-want days) that have to be in dress code as well, therefore I am familiar with the dress code policy and kept that in mind while creating all of these outfits!


IMG_4963 IMG_4972 IMG_4977 IMG_4978 IMG_4980

I picked this cute t-shirt because it was light-weight and the best alternative to a tank-top in this florida heat. Also, I picked this one specifically because it wasn't just a plain tee, it has graphics on it which I think definitely makes the outfit more unique. I paired it with the denim skirt because it too is the best alternative to denim shorts. Long enough and plain enough to go with anything (I even think it's cuter than just plain denim shorts). Then of course my go-to Birkenstocks, which without a doubt complete the outfit. I know with the shirt being tied in a knot it shows a bit of my tummy and it could be risky at school, but heres a tip: buy your t-shirt's longer and larger, that way when you knot it, it will cover your tummy and not ride up past your bottoms.


IMG_4981 IMG_4985 IMG_4986


I have always loved the concept of wearing overalls to school and wore them quite often on dress down days. They're in dress code, comfortable, and cute. What more do we all look for in an outfit? I love this particular look because I think the army green camo goes great with the red in the t-shirt. In my opinion, army green is always worn best with gold jewelry so that's what I paired it with. The only thing about going to a private school is that we can't wear open toed shoes, and that is the only thing I am envious of about public schools, lol. So, I took advantage of making these outfits with open toed shoes like these ones, hehe.


IMG_4987 IMG_4988 IMG_4989 IMG_4990

I love this little outfit. If I had to name it it'd be solids vs. denims. T-shirt dresses, I think, are definitely one of the most perfect things to wear to school. They're casual and comfortable. To spice it up a bit, add a jacket. Since I live in florida and its like 95,000 degrees, a vest is my best bet to throwing something over top. Ok. Everyone I have come across while wearing these shoes hates them. They're like half espadrilles/half not. And I like them so, there.


IMG_4991 IMG_4992 IMG_4993

This one is definitely more on the edgy side. Another t-shirt dress because, why not? I just feel like these are the easiest things to put on when we're talking about getting ready early in the morning. And they also double by being cute. And also triple as being super comfortable. So, it's kind of a triple-threat. Outfits can be triple-threats, right?


IMG_4998 IMG_5001 IMG_5002

I am not a jean person. Also, I feel like if I went to a public school I would wear jeans like almost never. However, for some reason, and I am oblivious to it because I do not know it first hand, almost every girl wears jeans to school on a regular basis. Therefore, I figured I was obligated to create a jean-look. Creating this look, I decided to throw on a tunic-tee and I found out that this is the only way I will wear jeans now if the jeans aren't high-waisted. To make the outfit more unique, I tied this boho-colorful belt around my waist that pulled in the tunic-tee and made it complex-looking. Jeans are to be worn with closed toe shoes; lifted closed toed shoes, in my opinion (tip: to make your legs look longer in your jeans). So, I chose these booties which are perfect.


IMG_5004IMG_5006 IMG_5007 IMG_5008

If you're like me and go to a private school, don't let your uniform restrict you from expressing yourself! I know some are more strict on their uniform policies than others (having to wear specific Mary-Jane-uniform shoes, not being able to wear jackets unless they are affiliated with your school, etc.), however, you can work around that with accessories. For example, to add flare to my uniform, I wore these cheetah print shoes (tip: if you have to wear specific shoes, try playing around with cute socks). Also, jewelry is really key to making you stand out in a school where everyone looks the same. So, maybe a long/statement necklace, watches, bracelets, belts are super super key & I even love wearing cool headbands/bandanas! (tip: if you don't have a necklace or necklaces that you wear everyday or don't take off, consider investing in some so that you'll never forget to put jewelry on, especially with it being early in the morning when you're getting ready). If your school is always cold like mine, try getting away with bolder jackets. Sometimes, I can sneak a cool jacket on without them telling me to take it off (ex. I got away with wearing a bright red, white, and blue, American flag cardigan that I paired with my American flag boots, and instead of making me take it off, the administrator complimented me on it. So, you gotta try your luck sometimes because you never know what'll happen). Although, if you want to play it safe, stick to solid colored cardigans like the one in this picture.

If you want to found out where each item is from, follow me on feels and click on the picture of the outfit you are wondering about, then click again to see where they're from!