With it being August, and summer practically being over, it's time to start transitioning into fall clothes! This is probably the most confusing mid-season for Florida people ever because the leaves aren't changing and the air isn't getting that crisp or cold. What's even more confusing, in my opinion, is dressing for it. One of my favorite things about the seasons fall and winter, is all of the cute fall/winter trends that come around! However, in Florida, the weather during fall months like September, October, and November, only ranges from the 80's to the high 60's. Hell, winter barely even get's to the 50's. That means us florida fashion-lovers don't get to participate in wearing all the warm and fluffy coats and heavy ponchos like Northerner's do for the fall season. So to compensate, my fall wardrobe is going to be composed of fall-oriented colors and fabrics, rather than heavy clothing!

I put together a chic, fall-ready outfit that I think is perfect for the months of September/October/November!

I think suede is the ultimate fall, and even winter, fabric for Floridians. It's thick enough to keep you warm, but not thick enough to keep you sweating once you get indoors! I also feel like faux suede, like faux leather, still looks very expensive. To me, an outfit with suede is more high-end looking than anything. I like the fact that this is spaghetti straps, because fall is still going to be hot, but I also love that the suede totally gives the outfit that fall vibe that us Floridians long for!!

IMG_5058 IMG_5080 manda fixed

I picked this hat because it's the perfect oaky, hunter green color that just screams FALL. (Hunter green, along with brown, are great colors for fall).


When I think of Fall, I think of bonfires, coffee-runs, pumpkin patches, and farmer's markets. Denim is the perfect thing to wear to all of those fall festivities! Why do you think all of the scarecrows wear overalls?!?

IMG_5044 IMG_5032 IMG_5041 IMG_5017

In Fall, we all get paler. Sadly. And the color schemes of our clothes change. Therefore, our everyday makeup looks change! My favorite fall-makeup things to play around with are lip colors and eyeshadows! It all depends on your outfit, but I feel like a darker lip, and dark, neutral colored eyeshadows are two major fall essentials.

IMG_5087 IMG_5085 IMG_5086

Click here for outfit details and comment below what your favorite fall tricks and tips are because I would love to try them out!