Hello everyone, long time no talk. Summer is over and yes, you can tell from the lack of posts on my blog... I've been so busy with volleyball practice, games, school supplies, and just getting prepared for senior year (so weird I'm a senior, btw). Not only have I not had the time, but I also haven't had the opportunity to blog about anything, like my OOTD's, since I wear a uniform to school and generally am not going anywhere other than school, practice, and home on the weekdays. With realizing that, I have decided that I'm going to start planning better and create a schedule that'll help me keep my blog updated. Now I most likely can't plan that until the weekend, obviously, so bear with me until then. I also know that as soon as I settle into the routine of things at school, my time management will get a lot better and I should be able to have time for my blog on the weekdays. I just wanted to put something out here because I was freaking out that I hadn't posted in a week and say that my lack of posting is not on purpose!!

I promise I will figure out my schedule and get back to posting as often as possible! I hope the first week back to school was a breeze and as wonderful as school can be for everyone! In the meantime, leave a comment below or in my giving me ideas of what you think my next blog post should be about! I'd love to hear what you guys love to read from me!

Stay beautiful💗✨,