My Dad's birthday was yesterday and we went to dinner at Hillstone in Winter Park. Which, btw, is such a beautiful place to eat if you're looking for something with ambiance. It was my first time going to the restaurant and I already told Lucas we need to date night there ASAP. Or as soon as either of us make the money to do so... life of a high school student😒. But, enough about the beauty of Hillstone, you can see it in my outfit pictures or make a reservation and see it for yourself!

I was going to wear my hunter green pant overalls, however it was 1000 degrees out and I knew I would get too hot if I wore those and a long-sleeve shirt. So, I opted for my plain denim overalls and surprisingly, liked the outfit better. I wanted to look for a way to dress it up a tad, so I added the jewelry I received from my 2nd Rocksbox set. This set is even better than the first one I received; I am so totally obsessed with it. I love that each piece sort of carries out the same theme. In this case, my set is the same color scheme: silver. It's perfect because I can either wear a piece by itself, or I can wear all of the jewelry together. Remember to sign up with my code 'mandadimarcoxoxo' to receive your first month of Rocksbox sets for FREE! There's no harm in signing up and trying it out; you don't have to continue your membership after your free month is up and I mean, who wouldn't love renting out free jewelry for however long you like? Lastly, I paired the outfit with some Toms wedges which completely tied in the dressed-up feel of this look!

IMG_5119 IMG_5120 IMG_5139

IMG_5128 IMG_5137 IMG_5130

Overalls: Urban Outfitters

Jewelry: Rocksbox

Shirt: Gap

Shoes: Toms

Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Here are some other pictures I got where you can really see how pretty the restaurant is:

IMG_5150 IMG_5149


Stay trendy👗,