I would love to say I'm a morning person; however, that would not be the whole truth. It definitely varies depending on what I'm getting up early for and other determining factors. Although, I have to say I am much more of a morning person than a night person. I'd rather be extremely productive in the early morning than late in the evening. Maybe its the homebody in me or my love for the sun, I don't know. There's just something about the morning that leaves me feeling hopeful, refreshed, and in a great mood.

Not your perspective on the morning? Well, my goal is to inspire you to look at it this way. Keep reading if you're interesting in hearing 1o reasons why you should wake up earlier.

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  1. CATCH UP ON READING- If you're not a book person, then this doesn't necessarily apply; however, it may inspire you to pick up a book the next time you're out. Starting your day off by waking up and exercising your brain is probably the best thing you can do. Not only because it gets your brain ready to be quick on its feet for the day, but because its relaxing. The morning may be tough for some, so doing something productive and great for the mind while also being calm and relaxed, is super ideal.
  2. MAKE YOUR FAVORITE BREAKFAST- I know breakfast is personally my favorite meal of the day, so getting it in is a necessity. However, it's sometimes hard to have the time to sit down and enjoy it. Figure out your perfect breakfast meal and then wake up early so you have a good amount of time to appreciate it. Once you eat, you'll be left feeling rejuvenated and ready to start your day.
  3. BE PRODUCTIVE- There's nothing like getting up and immediately getting things done. I feel so good when I have accomplished all of the many tasks I have for the day. When you get up early to do so, you can get done earlier and spend the remainder of the day relaxing at home or hanging out with friends at dinner! It's better to get a kick start on your day so you can leave some time for yourself at night!
  4. APPRECIATE THE MORNING- I don't know about you, but to me, the morning is one of the most beautiful times of the day. When the sun is shining, the clouds are clearing, the birds are chirping, the left over rain is dropping from your roof, and the smell of the morning dew is in the air; it's all just so peaceful. I have always felt that our moods feed off of our surroundings (which is why I love a good ambiance), so being able to see and be around the morning weather leaves me so content and all around happy.
  5. WORKOUT- There's nothing better than getting in a workout before you begin your day. Something about it just puts you in a better mood. Plus, going about the rest of your day having a workout under your belt means you've already done something for and to better yourself. If you're one of those people who generally doesn't love to workout and take the time to do so, getting it out of the way is your best bet.
  6. ENJOY A CAFFEINATED DRINK- A good cup of coffee or tea is something you can't beat. Run to a coffee shop and pick up your favorite cup of coffee/tea to get your energy going for the day.
  7. SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOURSELF- The best time to get in touch with your inner self is early in the morning. Typically, no one else will be up and you won't have to rush anywhere until the late morning. Use this time to plan or write down your self goals. If you start taking the time to think about yourself, you'll generally be in a better mood throughout the day.
  8. WATCH THE TODAY SHOW- I thoroughly enjoy starting my day informed. The Today Show is perfect because it's informative and entertaining. It just keeps you up to date in every aspect of current events. Kelly and Michael is another good one, as well. You get a feel for what's happening around the country/world.
  9. GET A BETTER NIGHTS SLEEP- Waking up early usually leads to falling asleep earlier and despite what you think, that's actually a good thing. If you start to push your bed time earlier and fall more in sync with Earth's circadian rhythm, you'll in turn get more of a restorative sleep. And we all love waking up and feeling restored instead of drowsy.
  10. LESS STRESS- If you set aside an hour or two in the morning before most people start their day, you'll have time to get yourself organized, fed, and ready for the day. You'll avoid getting super stressed out about being on time, forgetting something, or not eating your breakfast. No one likes feeling stressed, so getting up earlier is a wonderful solution.

Hopefully, some of my reasons have influenced you to get up early tomorrow and see what the morning has in store for you. Leave a comment telling me if you're a morning person or a night person! Have a great day😄


Stay enjoying the morning☺️🌅🌝☕️🍳🏃,