Oh, hello. If you're reading this, you either tuned into the eventful night or missed out and want to get some insight. Luckily for you, I'm going to be giving my thoughts on the VMA's from the very second Miley greeted us with her side-boob, all the way until she signed off with exposing her entire boob. (I'm also going to be mentioning the pre-show, I just thought that would be a funny transition... ha ha).

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The Pre-show. Can we talk about the ladies of Girl Code. Now, I've been a fan of the show since it aired; however, the way they took control last night was perfection. They gave it a funny, playful, and exciting vibe and to me, it actually felt like a party. Carly Aquilino has always been my fav. Girl Code member, but yesterday made me really obsess over the other ladies as well. It was just very cool seeing them in a different element that wasn't necessarily comedy; they still managed to radiate their quirky confident personalities which I thought definitely made the pre-show!


So, I couldn't help but notice that Rebel Wilson copied my pink hair. She either definitely wants to be me, or definitely wants to be me. Way to be original, Rebel. (Joke, I actually want to be you). I have this weird obsession for Tori Kelly every time I see her 1) because I don't keep up with her intentionally so I am blown away by her whenever she's on t.v. or the radio and 2) BECAUSE LOOK AT HER. Her hair is just, ugh. Her voice is just, ughh. And her romper last night was just... UGHHH. I loved the fact that she wore a romper rather than a dress in general, it was different! Am I the only one who looks at the people in the background instead of the people interviewing or being interviewed? Like, one of the girls from Fifth Harmony was hanging out with the puppies they had there for a good whole interview, lol!

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I don't really have an order of which look I liked the best, so here are my favs!


Gigi: Love love love the yellow. Also, love how the dress opens up in the front and shows off her long legs. The slicked back and down hairstyle is probably my favorite red carpet hairstyle.

Amanda: I love the co-ordinate that she picked to wear 1) because co-ords are on my wish list and 2) because its spunky. Again, that hairstyle is my faaav.

Vanessa: I love this look because I feel like it so shows off her bohemian style and am obsessed with the hair accessories she added in.

Nessa: I thought Nessa just looked so sleek the entire night. I love how the sheer accentuates and compliments her curves perfectly.

Kylie: Lol. Everyone said she looked like Lord Farquaad from Shrek, but I thought the bangs were super sophisticated, yet super sexy; a look that she never fails to nail every time.


Now, I'm pretty sure I tweeted this, but let me reiterate- I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT AND I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS. She's just always so classy. I love that her and Nicki were just like shut da heck up and squashed whatever beef there was. Taylor always seems to make amends with people she gets into tiffs with. Nicki, however, isn't afraid to start new beef, lol. I had no idea if this was fake or not when it happened, but I guess it had something to do with Miley saying something negative about her in the press. Why do these celebs even get bothered by that stuff anymore??I was impressed by Justin; I loved that he kept it simple with his stage-look and then messed with the lights and his ability to fly, lol. But I was overall amazed by his performance! Everyone bashed Demi SO hard for her performance last night, but I actually tip my hat off to her. Earlier at the pre-show, she mentioned she was finally confident (which is why she named her album that) and I thought that her performance showed nothing less. So, kudos, Demi! Kaaaaaanye... why did everyone let him finish???? I thought he started out well by acknowledging his incident with Taylor, but then he started to bash the VMA's while speaking on the VMA's stage. He proceeded to talk about listening to the children (which, by the way, I had no idea what that meant), and then he just lost me completely and said he's running for president. Oh, America, you baffle me sometimes.

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Don't think I added those pictures because I support him... they're just hilarious, thats all.

Leave me a comment on what your favorite part of the VMA's was or your opinion on Kanye's rant!

Stay beautiful☺️,