Fall is just around the corner and honestly, I cannot wait any longer. Actually, if we're being really honest, I get extremely impatient for Fall around this time every year. For example, I said to Lucas the other night, "I can't wait until it's cold out during your football games" and he replied, "Is it that time of the year again where you start talking about cool weather every 5 minutes?"

I just cant help myself! But, who doesn't get excited around this time of year? Between all of the cool weather-wishing tweets, pumpkin patch plans, and halloween outfit ideas, you can't get away from the longing for fall vibes!

Although, the one thing I am especially eager for this year is.... all of the chic, fall trends! Are you surprised!? Could you have guessed?? Probably, I'm pretty predictable (unplanned alliteration).

Anyways! I wanted to share with you guys my Fall haul and the trends that I am dying to wear; ya know, once it gets some-what cool in florida.


IMG_5504 IMG_5483 IMG_5469 IMG_5492

IMG_5662 IMG_5650 IMG_5678 IMG_5656

IMG_5518 IMG_5547 IMG_5528 IMG_5563


IMG_5603 IMG_5619 IMG_5613  IMG_5629

IMG_5716 IMG_5719 IMG_5725 IMG_5733


IMG_5698 IMG_5691 IMG_5706 IMG_5707

The only other clothing item that I'm really anxious to purchase, are distressed and destroyed boyfriend jeans. I saw the cutest pair at Urban Outfitters the other weekend, however when I tried them on, they were either too big or too tight. My classic issue with jeans😒. But, I'm not going to give up; I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair!

What trends are you excited to try Fall of 2015?

Stay trendy👗,