A JUMBLED MESS OF RAW, AUTHENTIC, LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS. Today I was inspired by a video of a Halloween Animal Costume/Makeup Tutorial. I was inspired by a cheetah, a zebra, and a lion. Not even the actual, real animals inspired me; no, not even- it was the animal created with make up. But, "how fcking cool?" I thought. 99% of people who would've walked behind me while that video was playing on my computer screen would've thought I was a 12 year old. But idk, man. It completely triggered the creativity inside of me. For ideas for my blog. For outfits for homecoming week. For, maybe, starting something entirely new that I will not say.

Thats the thing. You can't force creativity. You can't force ideas. You can't think of a concept off the top of your head just because someone else did. Creativity is spontaneous. Random. Sudden. It comes to me in the most unexpected ways and sometimes, at a mile a minute. It's refreshing. The lack of it, however, can sometimes be frustrating. When you feel like you've been so dull-minded for the past week, maybe, and you just want to put something new and exciting out there but you just can't. We have to learn to not let it get frustrating. Writer's block doesn't exist. Running out of ideas doesn't exist. Timing exists. And creativity comes in and out at certain times, but it is there. And it is always going to come. And there needs to be patience because if you fall into the "writer's block" mindset and give up, you're going to go crazy. You're digging that hole deeper.

Pause. Come back to it later. Don't dwell on it. It'll come to you. In an unplanned, not thought out, probably even weird, way. Whether it's in an hour, a day, a month, whatever- that inspiration will come.

Next time its late at night, you see a tweet or an Instagram that gets you thinking, I urge you to write it down. Jot down all of the thoughts and concepts that came to your mind and just get it out. Even if your words don't make sense on paper like they do in your head, that's okay. This whole post probably doesn't even come across as comprehendible to you as it does to me, but that's also okay. Everyone's creativity is unique. And you never know what one little spark of creativity can fuel.