Self-improvement is a wonderful thing. What better feeling is there than setting a goal for yourself and eventually reaching it, right? I remember on my way out of psychology class last year, my teacher was recalling a conversation with one of her other students involving something along the lines of, "In order to achieve and exceed more, you must raise the expectations you hold yourself to." 

The concept caught my attention & I realized that it could not be more true. If I ever wanted to achieve more, I needed to hold higher expectations for myself and reach further instead of continuously meeting the same old standards. I never struggled with my self-expectations, but I kept that idea in the back of my mind if I was ever down and needed a bit of motivation.

To me, the idea applies to all aspects of my life: in sports, academics, relationships, fitness & health, etc. It's helped me better myself and keep wanting to better myself. Hey, I'm 17; I should be doing that. Setting academic goals for my senior-in-high-school self to remember. Setting college and career goals for my 20 year old self to achieve. Setting family goals for my 30 year old self to reach. And so on.

But it makes me wonder. Does it ever stop? I wonder, do those people who keep looking ever get to self-actualization? Or is self-actualization reached when you accept your current self and stop looking for more?

Is life just one big never-ending ladder of setting higher goals and expectations for ourselves after we've reached our previous ones? Do we ever run out of goals to set? Is there a point in our lives where we accept the person we are and be content with it? Is it something we even accept or does it just happen?

I'm a big believer in exploring yourself's fullest potential, but do we ever stop looking up the ladder?

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