Today in English, we had a writing assignment pertaining to the book we're reading, Dante's Inferno. Every time I hear about a writing assignment, I kind of go 'ugh' (only because I can be lazy with school work), but then as I start to write, it's not so bad. In today's case, I did the whole 'ugh' thing per usual, however, as I started to write it, I found myself really indulging in it. The instructions were to write our own allegorical stories that are inspired by Canto 1 of Inferno. Some of the guidelines included: Where are we lost? Why? (Dante is lost in the dark forest aka his life), What three beasts do we meet? Why? (beasts that guard him from climbing the hill aka his 3 fears) and Who is our guide? Why? (Dante's guide is Virgil aka his role model)

Timing for this assignment could not have been more perfect. While Dante is sort of having his mid-life crisis, I'm sort of having a what-will-I-do-with-my-life crisis. Yes, I'm being dramatic; but in a way, it's true! I have so many interests and passions that I would love to explore and further get educated on, however, I'm not sure which one I want to make a career out of. If I choose one, will I regret not picking the other? (I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself and will figure all this out in college, but idk, it scares me now!!)

How come no one has told me that this will be the scariest situation of my life!!!!!

With these thoughts stomping their way in and invading my mind like vikings, I decided to make my story symbolize my current situation: Which passion/interest will I choose to pursue? And when I choose, will I regret it?

In my short story, I am on a walk and find myself lost because I was deep in thought. I am faced by three of my passions and forced to choose one to walk down (pursue). I am greeted by fear, whom I personified, and he wishes to guide me down each path and point out the cons of each; to give me some insight in what my future would be like depending on which passion I chose.

Thought I'd share it with you.

I looked down at my feet to find that I was standing on a gray brick road. I didn’t remember how I got there, nor how the color of the brick changed from a pinkish orange to this. Had I completely zoned out and went off trail? As I continued to think, I stared at my sneakers and brought my arms up to fold over one another while my fingers grazed what must've been goosebumps. Goosebumps? It seemed like I was just wiping sweat from my forehead only five minutes ago. But I began to notice the wind had picked up. Suddenly, I could feel thousands of goosebumps climb all the way up my entire body from my legs to my neck and cover me like a cozy blanket. Except I was not cozy. And I remembered I had no idea where I was or what was in front of me. So, I looked up.

My eyes were met by three different paths that were paved with three different colors of brick. The path on the left was lined with a yellowish brick. Most of the ground was covered with stacks of big books, thousands of loose, scribbled on paper that would sometimes flow with the wind, and an endless amount of pencils that just sort of rolled around. The middle path, paved with red brick, was filled with exercise equipment and vegetables of all sorts. The path on the right, the most vibrant of them all, had rainbow colored brick. It was a mess. There were piles of half finished clothing items and needles and thread laying everywhere.

I had never felt more scared than I was in this moment. I wanted to keep on walking, but I didn’t have a clue which road to take. I looked to my left to see if there was some other way I could get myself out of there, but all I could see was what seemed like an endless body of water. I frantically looked to my right, searching for some other sight, but was disappointed. I was surrounded and the only choice I had was to move forward. Where do I go? Which path should I go down? I was terrified what each one would bring and if I’d make the right choice.

I turned my head back towards the paths and saw a human figure. It seemed to be standing with it’s back towards me, but I couldn’t quite tell. As I crept closer towards it, I noticed that it wasn’t facing away from me, but that it didn’t have a face. It was all black like a silhouette, but I wasn’t scared of it. I knew this figure. I had felt this figure.

It opened it’s non-visible mouth and spoke in a subtle and calmed voice, “Hello, I am fear. I am here to lead you down each one of these paths and point out all of the cons each one might hold. To help you narrow down your choices.”

I didn’t question him. I wanted to see for myself. To take a peek into my potential future depending on which path I would choose. So, as we walked swiftly towards the left path, I took his arm and didn’t look back.