Hi beautiful people. I wanted to try something new on my blog called Ted Talk Tuesdays. 1) because I want to educate myself with new and creative ideas and 2) I feel these ideas and people speaking, are ones worthy of an audience and a share.

Today I'm sharing a Ted Talk that I tweeted last week, I believe. The speaker's name is Kate Simonds and she is 17 years old!!! I know, whaaaaaaat! A 17 year old who got her own Ted Talk, how uncool are we?? Lol, kidding. I was very intrigued by Kate's talk because I've been there. Kate speaks about the fact that (most) adults turn their back to teenagers when we voice our opinions or ideas. How many times have you been told, "You're only 17 (or whatever age you are), you don't really have an opinion" by an adult? Well, I can assure you, I have. More than a few times, actually. And it's not okay.

I so admire the fact that Kate didn't let those adults get to her and is instead, standing up for not only herself, but all of us teens. The points that she makes raise like 983647 questions inside of me. Why are we taught by adults to suppress our creative and spontaneous thoughts and ideas, but voice the ones that are socially acceptable, however, mediocre at best? Why are we conditioned to make fun of these ideas instead of encourage them? If our solutions aren't working now, why not take a chance on the new and different ideas? It doesn't make sense. Which is why it's so important to listen to what Kate has to say.

What'd you think of this video? Please comment below!! I would really enjoy hearing you guys thoughts.