Fashion Journal: Construction


DEC. 3, 2015 On the way home from school I felt sweaty and my face looked pinkish red from my workout, as it always does. My windows were open so I stuck my hand out of it. I was only in a sports bra and spandex, so the wind cooling off my tummy felt refreshing. The feeling of the wind bumping into my hands and making its way out through the spaces between my fingers was freeing so inhaled and let out a big breathe.

I had a surprisingly good workout. The weather wasn't cold, but it was cool enough that when I ran, the air I inhaled was chilly and sharp to my lungs. Overall, I was satisfied with the effort I had put in.

I pulled into the garage and when I came inside my parents were home from the Bahamas. We caught up some, but then I ran up the stairs and into the shower. I was out quickly. I changed into a turtle necked sweater, jeans, and some sneakers, and flew back down the stairs. I must've seemed like a little girl whose Dad times her as she bolts up the stairs to do something and hustles back down them to hear her unbelievable time.

I sort of had to beg a bit for my sister to take pictures for me, but I mostly blame it on myself. I was being pretty bitchy towards her when I got home. Although, when she agreed and we got to the location I fixated on, she was happy she came.

We drove past a rickety old mailbox that reads the number '17' in fading white paint, but pull into the second entrance of the drive way. I think they are gutting the place because the concrete foundation of the floor is still in place and a small portion of the house is somewhat in tact. Anyways, it intrigues me. As I drive down to the lake I pass an orange tree and in front of it lie the yellow fallen ones. I think it is beauty in the midst of all the destruction that surrounds it.

Then I begin to find beauty within the destruction itself. The dock whose wood is contorted and has become intertwined with vines and flowers, captivates me. The life preserver that lies in the pool that is filled with murky water that seems to hold the unknown, doesn't scare me.

It is the beauty you find within that determines the beauty of the whole.

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Sweater: JustFab

Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Goldsign

Shoes: Tory Burch