Journal- December 5, 2015

This morning you made me breakfast. Shirtless. Man, would I kill to wake up to that every damn day. I played 'Jason Mraz' radio on Pandora and you sang along to every song as if you studied his radio like the bible. You cooked the bacon and I brought you over a bowl to beat the eggs in, then wrapped my arms around your belly from behind. You turned your head towards me and kissed my lips as if it was a step in the breakfast making process. Surely, we both knew it was.

When it was ready, you brought me over a plate and sat down next to me- eggs and bacon and you- nothing better. We kissed in between bites and went over our plans of the day that lie ahead. I wanted to sit there forever, though- kissing, talking, and listening to you sing Adele.

You cleaned the dishes and threw the plates away while I still sat and checked my computer. You never ask for help- you're unbelievably selfless in that way. You make me want to be that way.

You came up behind me and rested your chin on my shoulder while your arms were around me and your hands were elsewhere. You gave me sweet kisses that trailed from my shoulder to my ear and then it was my turn to turn my head and kiss you. You have a way of distracting me even when I don't want to be distracted.

Later, you napped as I played around with my camera. Obviously not knowing what I was doing, but I pranced around the room capturing photos of my feet and your sleepy arms hugging the pillow in front of you tight. I pretended that I was a real photographer, so I pressed as many buttons as I could and only accomplished the ability to make the image darker than it originally was.

I believe it is called changing the 'aperture' of the camera. That's real photographer talk people.

When I ran out of things to take pictures of, I sat in bed next to you and traced the swirl in your beard where the hairs don't conform to the rest. When I tried to get up to let you sleep more, you held me back and pulled me into you again.

Laying in your arms is a contentedness unlike any other.