Journal- Tampa


On a rainy, Orlando Saturday night Lucas, Sydney, and myself took a 2 hour road-trip down to see Cristian in Tampa. Mind you, this was the first time I was seeing Cristian's apartment, I know- weird. But, you could imagine how excited I was.

The car-ride down consisted of loud music to keep me from falling asleep, beer drinking buddies, and never-ending minutes until we got there.

When we did arrive, we illegally parked in another apartment complex (but apparently everyone and anyone parks there) where we were picked up by Cristian and Jimmy.

As we walked into Cristian's apartment, I finally understood why he was home almost every weekend and why he always stays one more night than he is supposed to. It sort of resembled a prison cell for a premium-inmate. Lol, that's a little embellished. But the walls are all white and lacking personality. His TV is constantly displaying the show in a static quality. His shower head is almost like a faulty hose that barely shoots out water. And his room basically only consists of a bed. The one good thing about it is that it has a balcony. Perfect for some greenery, a little coffee table and chair, and has a wonderful view. The only thing he's done with it is fill it with full trash bags.

I felt bad the place had no spunk so I drew him a sign that said something along the lines of 'your apartment is shit, but hopefully this will spark it up a bit' and hung it on his fridge.

For dinner I had toast with peanut butter (life of a college kid?), while everyone else had sea-breezes (no, that's life of a college kid). We drove to the golf facility and hit golf balls off the hitting bay. You would've thought Sydney was my Dad's daughter cause girl could hit a golf ball. After golf-swing fails, singing along to country songs, dissecting and analyzing Cristian's future, and a spilled drink by Lu-caas, 11:30 rolled around and we decided to go bowling.

Not sure if anyone actually called an uber or not, but we ended up getting a ride from brain surgery victim, gets mistaken for Justin Bieber, and arrested the first week he got here, Tom. But we just called him Uber.

Uber decided to invite himself bowling with us where he outwardly spoke about his brain tumor and if we could see his scare from a bike accident, which then led Sydney to say 'I don't believe a word this guy says.' Rightfully so.

After bowling zeros for the first 4 frames, Cristian drunkenly arguing with the lady at the front desk, and Uber's bullshit stories, we left and headed straight to bed.

The next morning we got up and had Cristian's surprisingly good eggs, then got ready for the Falcon's game to watch Patrick play. It was unbearably hot for December, so when we left the tailgate and settled into our seats I was happy.

We had the best seats; not only because it was a great view of the field, but because we had this friendly, hilarious, and Canadian drunk whose favorite word was 'c*nt' sitting in front of us.

The day ended with the most boring drive home to Orlando, but we left with wonderful memories of Tampa and Cristian's shitty little apartment.

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