My 2015- New Years Eve


I've always thought the idea of "New Years resolutions" were cheesy; although, I've always ended up making at least 5 of them by every January 1st. Because the fact of the matter is that they're not cheesy at all. They're made with drive. They're made with motivation and determination to better ourselves. So, why not use January 1st as the time to take more initiative into becoming the people we're all striving to be. I don't think we should think of New Years as a 'fresh start', but instead as a day to set goals and work towards those goals to achieve the lifestyle we crave. Almost like a day to think of the future and what you want it to hold. Although, be kind to yourself; don't be unrealistic. For example, it's not realistic to go from not working out ever, to making your goal 'to workout every day of the week.' Instead ease into your goals and be patient with yourself. Remember to admire yourself when you progress, not only when you reach your goal.

Here are just a few of the things I want my future to hold:

-A true effort to continue to workout at least five times a week

-Try to pick up a new book to read every month

-Drink more tea instead of coffee

-Figure out a smarter way to spend and save my money


-Journal more than once a week to improve writing

-Finish the school year with A's and B's

-Surround myself with not only just people that I love, but also only things that I love (not materialistic things that don't really bring me joy.)

-Maintain a clutter free lifestyle

I also wanted to share with you my favorite moments of 2015 through pictures. To me, 2015 is a special year because it's really the last year I'll live the lifestyle I do now, have some of the friends I have now, and be in situations I am in now. Everything's about to change going into college in the Fall; but before I look forward, it's important to reflect back. So, here's to 2015:


Celebrate 2015 tonight and 2016 tomorrow.