Book Of the Month


I want to start reading a book every month. With that goal, I decided it would be a cool idea to start doing monthly book recommendations for those of you who also love to read and are continually searching for a new story to get lost in. I also thought it all timed out perfectly, as I read a book in December that I thought was eye-opening and am dying to share (which is the book I'm about to mention in this post.) Lastly, I wanted to just say that my preferred choice of genre ranges anywhere from fiction to non-fiction, lighthearted romance novels to intense mystery-filled stories, and even lifestyle, philosophy, and biography books. So, if you don't stumble upon a book that you're interested in that I've mentioned at some point throughout the year, I'm just going to assume you hate books or you're like abnormally picky and you should really lower your standards. Okay? Cool. Now, LET'S GET INTO IT.



The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - by Marie Kondo

When I say a book has never motivated or put things into perspective for me like this book has, I mean it. It is exactly what it conveys in the title. The book teaches you just how powerful the very act of tidying up and decluttering your living space (room, bathroom, house, etc.) can result to a decluttered mind and life. Through steps and methods on how to tidy up, Marie Kondo also shares that by following them you will never experience rebound (which means your living space will never revert back to it's cluttered-ness.) Now, I picked up this book while I was in Colorado and when I returned home, the busyness from the holidays, the things I got for Christmas, and the unpacked-luggage from the trip made my room a straight up mess. So, as I continued to read this book I was more and more anxious to get cleaning. Not only is this a really great book on how to keep tidy, it seriously made me think about how I'm living my life and how I want to be living it. It made me think of the way I wanted to take on my days and what I wanted them to consist of. I realized that the only things I need to keep in my living space were the things that I truly love and that spark joy. After I finished the book, I was left with the awareness of the power of the things around me and I was able to exist in my space more relaxed, with a clearer mind, with a feeling of being put together, and thinking only of the things that matter and the goals that I am determined to achieve. That, and 20 completely full trash bags.

Trust me, it's worth it. And comment below if you read it and think so too!!

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