The In-Your-Face method


Usually I wouldn't make an entire blog post on this sort of subject. Mainly, because this stuff doesn't get to me. Although, so many people do let this particular thing get to them and I thought that maybe this post could be beneficial to those who do.


We've all experienced it in some way. We live in a world where our opinions, work, thoughts, and appearances are so public it is unavoidable. Not that hate comments, accounts, or posts are right, it is simply just naive to think that it is not a part of our personal lives. And I say personal lives because usually, hate is received after putting yourself out there, opening up, or showcasing your personal work/self to the public. It is also naive to think that there isn't a fine line between our public and private lives. In our generation, at least. But, we all have to accept the fact that if you put something out there, the reciprocation you receive isn't always going to be positive.

Personally, ridiculous comments bring me entertainment. There's no point to let things said that are so utterly absurd and incorrect about us, trigger anything but laughs. Hateful comments, on the other hand, give me motivation. I know that not everyone feels that way when they receive a nasty comment on either a photo of themselves, a video they worked so hard on, or even just a simple tweet. Although that is where my in-your-face method comes into play.

How you react to things that are said about you has everything to do with how you feel about yourself. Now, I understand that even people who are not showcasing their work or creativity, still receive hate. And obviously, I would never overlook the fact that it is not abnormal to get upset over hate. But whatever you are sharing and whenever you want to post something, it is important to prepare yourself and be aware of the fact that people are going to have their opinions, and some people will even voice them. YOU, as the sharer, need to make sure you can handle that. Not everybody can and I believe that self-confidence develops at different points in everyones lives. But, and I am going to be blunt, if you are getting upset over negative reciprocations after sharing something, I believe it stems from an issue you have within yourself. I understand people have insecurities, we all do. But when we are being vulnerable and sharing our work, it is important to value our opinions of ourselves over other peoples opinions on us.

On the other hand, I am all for feedback. Being an aspiring magazine editor/journalist, I know there is always room for improvement (I definitely have lots of room to grow). Being aware of that, I would never turn down the opportunity to receive thoughts, opinions, and tips on my work and how I can better it. Although, if you are not a professor/teacher, a tutor, or a succesful writer/blogger/editor, I do not want to hear your feedback. Quite frankly, I won't listen to it! I reaaaaaaaalllllyyy won't. I'm very good at ignoring other people's opinions (that is a curse and a blessing, lol) and I will do it to yours if it's necessary. It will motivate me to keep writing, continue bettering myself and my work, and more importantly write a kick-ass blog post to shove it in-your-face. You will never get me to stop. Because trust me, I am a very opinionated and vocal person, and I can assure you that even if my family and friends cannot get me to bite my tongue, neither can you.

All I want to say, is we cannot be naive to the fact that it is a cruel world. There are always going to be people who do not like you and the work/content you put out. But we cannot stop being vulnerable and bettering ourselves. Thick skin is a necessity.