Because Super Bowl is right around the corner, I wanted to give you all some inspiration for a game day outfit! I love picking out a look for football games simply because there really is no one "game day outfit." Whether you like to be more casual with jeans & a cute top, or girly with a nice little romper, a football game atmosphere is always so diverse that any outfit will go!

My family always has people over for the Super Bowl and we usually will cookout and be outside from time to time, so casual clothes are a must! That being said my go-to look is always a comfortable t-shirt dress and sneakers. Something I can move around in and shoes that I can easily take off! I'm also not usually one to wear a team logo'd t-shirt, so I like to go with team colors! It also works out well when you've planned to be at a Super Bowl party during the day, & somewhere else afterwards; wearing the team colors eliminates the act of you having to go home and change in between plans!

(P.S. I know the steelers aren't in the running for the Super Bowl this year, but I have to rep my dads favorite team!😉🏈)





I wanted to get the old school Steelers uniform effect, so I added the striped top underneath and paired it with my adidas originals!!


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