18 Things I Still Don't Know How To Do At 18


So, two days from now (the 28th) is my 18th BIRTHDAY. Weird. Exhilarating. Horrifying. Yes, all of those words exactly reflect how I'm feeling towards the realization of actually turning 18. Never have I ever wanted to be 13 all over again now that the time has come where I step into adulthood. Why? Well, because I believe there is a stigma surrounding the age '18'.

We've all heard this infamous line shouted at us a numerous amount of times throughout our teenage years, "Amanda!! You are x years old, you can do this or that yourself!"

However, can I? When did our society develop this expectation of kids/adults/anyone knowing how to do things just because they're a certain age?

Turning 18 has made me aware of all of the things I in fact DO NOT know how to do. And for that, I am going to roughly list them down below.


  1. Properly do my own laundry. The whites with the whites, the colors with the colors, the... how much detergent? Gentle wash?? Which setting???? 
  2. Cut up my own salad... well. I swear when I do it, it's like eating one big ball of lettuce. It's tough, okay.
  3. Bank. Anything in the financial aspect I am utterly inept to. I've always wondered why we've spent so much time finding out what x is and not learning how to pay bills or do taxes. Like, with a life skills class in school you could prevent this very post, am I right? @ all schools.
  4. Grocery shop. Ok, I got the eggs, the milk, and the bread. What else??? Is there like, some sort of list I can find on google? Maybe I can like, yahoo answers it?
  5. Cook. Anything, for that matter. I can make you eggs? You want them scrambled? Mmm, I don't think so; how about hard boiled? I'm like, halfway decent at hard boiled eggs.
  6. Go to the car wash. Ok, this is more of a fear. It's just so incredibly intimidating!! Like, which spot do I pull up too; there's so many???
  7. Enjoy politics. Yeah, you would think since I'm so opinionated I would find them entertaining. I feel like they all just do the same thing: call each other out & make false promises, lol. I promise I am not a pessimist. 
  8. Spend money. Do you ever get money and then, it's like, gone?
  9. Enjoy going out sober. Not that I drink... ... .. ...... I find clubs when you're sober is like being the only person older than 5 years old in one room. Do not do it. You might as well be babysitting. It's literally the same thing.
  10. Go to the doctors without wanting to pass out. I am the biggest wimp ever. I will faint if you say anything along the lines of 'shots' 'needles' or even 'doctors office'.
  11. Whistle. 18 years and I still can't do like the most common, easiest human talent ever.
  12. Check into a hotel. Again, definitely another fear, lol. Just so intimidating to me!!
  13. Fly. I've been on 95 thousand trillion planes & I still don't feel like I would smoothly find my way from point A to point B.
  14. Pay bills. Not that I have any. But still, shouldn't I have some understanding of how to pay them??
  15. Ask for help. For some reason, when I don't know what I'm doing, I feel like I should be the only one who knows that I actually don't know what I'm doing. That's probably just my stubbornness....... will that go away when I turn 18?? :-)
  16. Make appointments. That is literally what parents are for.
  17. Sleep without stuffed animals. Why do I ever have to grow out of the stuffed animal phase?? I love them.... :(
  18. Write a check correctly. Change a tire. What days the trash/recycling bins go out. Cpr. Don't choke around me.

So, as you can see I am like totally unprepared and like, probably don't even deserve to turn 18. But I think life is just about winging it and learning as you go. I hope. Lol.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!