Book Of The Month- January


Yaaaaaaaay another book recommendation.. or two!

This month was kind of interesting with book reading. I read and finished one book way in the beginning of January. Then, I ordered a book off of amazon, which I will mention down below, and started to read it; however, I couldn't really get into the book and didn't end up finishing it. But, the good thing is that the one that I did finish is a really really good one. Definitely one of those classic "must read" books.



So, what's funny about this book is that I got it forever ago, started to read it, put it down, and never picked it back up again. Then, while I was cleaning out my room & office, I stumbled upon it and totally going against what my last book preached, picked it up and started to read it again. It wasn't as hard to get into it this time (second chances work when it comes to books) and I was done with it in about 3 days. It's a simple story about two misfit teenagers who totally feel like long-lasting love at their age is rare and a little overrated, however, like us all, fall for each other and build something really sweet. If you like John Green, Eleanor & Park is like Looking For Alaska in the way that it's a book that you definitely need to read at some point in your life. You'll find yourself developing a real appreciation for young love and the powers of it. Make this your next book, it will not disapoint!!



Alright this book is definitely different than all of the other books I usually read. It's a collection of short stories written by Helen Ellis inspired by her life in the city, her book club, and just basically the  everyday life that she lives! It's hillarious to say the least. She has such a sarcastic and witty sense of humor that you can't help but to laugh out loud every other paragraph. She puts a powerful twist to being a housewife and takes great pride in the fact that she controls the house. Even though this book was super entertaining, school work packed on and I just got really busy, so I ended up not finishing it. However, I hope I can get back into it soon because it was absolutely comical. If you're ever looking for a laugh read American Housewife for sure.

Definitely go check these books out and if you have any good reads to recommend, please do! I'm always looking for a great new book to read :)