Valentine's Message To The Anti-Valentines


Ahh, February 14th. That one day you step outside of your house and everyone is wearing pink or red. Or the day that makes you think of chocolates and roses. And the day that you get asked, "who's your valentine?" by your friends or family and you reply "I don't have one" about 39 times. It's happened to all of us, right? We've all at some point been smacked in the face with the realization that we are so called "not loved" by Valentines Day. However... why?

Ever since elementary school, Valentines Day has been one of my favorite days of the year. Can you guess why? VALENTINES DAY PARTIES. Two words= candy af. Decorating our little mail boxes and making the slit big enough for the best candy to fit through, was all the rage. I remember being so excited the night before while putting together all of the candy cards I was going to give out and making damn sure I saved like 9 for myself.

For the past 18 years of my life, my siblings and I have woken up to either flowers from my Dad, or chocolate boxes from my Mom on Valentines Day. I used to never think it was strictly a holiday for people in relationships because of this. Although, once I got to about 8th grade, this candy-filled, I-love-everyone day, took on a whole new meaning. I suddenly needed a "valentine" to celebrate Valentines Day and get this.... that valentine had to be a boy; a word my 8th grade self would simply hear and still blush at. So, because of the fact that Valentines Day was meant to be spent with a boy, getting together with a girlfriend and watching movies would be something of a sad joke. It was like I either had to have a date, or save this day to hate.

But I don't believe in that. I don't think I ever really did; us single girls just hated V-day because it was "just what single girls did".

Now, I get that I have a boyfriend and my Valentine's Day will be spent in a romantic way, but it doesn't have to be. At all. We need to change the way you look at this holiday. Why do you think V-day is usually spent with your boyfriend or girlfriend or on a date? BECAUSE IT IS A DAY ABOUT LOVE. And why do we limit that love to only be celebrated when it's an intimate one?

Buy your best friend a coffee, do something you both love to do together. Take your sister to a park, have a picnic, or just hang out. Send your mom or grandma flowers. Buy your dog a heart-shaped bone and take her on a walk on the trail. Take your grandpa or dad to lunch. Or simply spoil yourself with a spa day. Valentine's Day needs to be about appreciating everybody that you love, not just your boyfriend or girlfriend.

So, you, single person, do not spend this day obsessing over the fact that you're love life isn't the greatest. Don't look at couples who are in love as a reminder that your single. Do not have an anti-valentine's day attitude. Celebrate who you love, and who loves you; even if it is your silly, little cat or your cute, old grandma.

Valentine's day is about love, in all of its forms. So, appreciate all of your loved ones.

Happy Valentines Day💞