Developing My ME Style


I've always struggled with labeling my style. Of course, I have one; but what would I describe it as? Edgy? Hippie? Eclectic? Well sure, it can be. But I've realized that style really changes as the person does. And that could not be more true for me.

I'm sure we've all looked back at old pictures and asked ourselves, "what the fluff was I wearing???" many times. The scary thing is that I've looked back at pictures or had memories of things I've worn from not even 2 years ago and thought that I would never be caught dead in that now. Yes, this is mostly due to the fact that style is constantly changing; however, I feel like our personal styles are changing mainly because we as people are.

My style is almost like taking a mirror to the me inside of me. Honestly, it is 100% a direct reflection of my inner self. Like many forms of art, it is how I choose to express myself; so, often you can tell exactly how I'm feeling that day, what I'm doing, or even where I'm going just by looking at my outfit. Establishing my style has had everything to do with establishing myself. And even so, I have yet to establish it with a label. You see, I'm not saying you need to know who you are completely to have your own style; I don't think any of us will stop bettering ourselves and developing as people. But I'm telling you to start being aware of what it is that you love and don't love. Because when you start to surround yourself and your mind with elements and vibes that you love, your style will become something you love as well.

If you take anything away from this post, take this: do not underestimate the importance of a journey. Style is absolutely something that needs one to experience multiple looks and trends. It is essential to go through phases so you can eliminate the things you don't like and keep the ones you do. It is meant to be adventurous & also, retrospectively cringe-worthy, lol. Also, do not limit yourself with a label because when you put yourself into a category it makes it hard to go beyond or get out of it. Let yourself evolve, let yourself branch out, & most importantly, let yourself express itself and don't feel weird about doing so. Channel your me-style and never stop flourishing.