morning munches: pnut butter & banana & secret toast

Breakfast. Even typing the word makes my eyes light up & my insides feel happy (and hungry)! Breakfast time is without a doubt my favorite part of the day. Not just because breakfast, for me, correlates with alone time, relaxation, the beauty of the morning, and just pure contentedness, but because breakfast food is just down right delicious. I will never understand those of you are "just-not-breakfast-eaters." ALTHOUGH, fortunately for you, I have a meal that might change your mind!

I think we can all agree that pancakes are absolutely scrumptious. However, I have to say you would never ever catch me ordering a pancake for breakfast (unless it's the granola wheat pancake from briarpatch) (that is the only loophole). That's because anything heavy, like a pancake or french toast, just makes me feel weighed down & bloated for the remainder of the morning. So instead, I try to make myself something that's light, but also filling & will hold me until lunch. Although I tend to switch up my breakfast meals so I'm not eating the same thing every morning, I always stick to something protein based to give me energy for the day! So without further ado, below is one of my most favorite, & probably most frequent, breakfast meals!

peanut butter & banana toast!

the butta: i've tried to switch to an almond butter to make my meal even more healthy, but nothin' beats that reduced fat Jif, man.

the nana: just a good ole banana.

the toast: so here's where the healthy part comes in. I use Ezekiel breadfor this meal. It's combined of grains and legumes and has so many health benefits like being an amazing source of protein (as good as eggs & milk), amino acids, no added sugar, less gluten than normal bread, & it's high in fiber. However, the main reason I keep eating Ezekiel bread is because it actually tastes good. I don't believe in eating healthy food if it isn't satisfying to my tastebuds, so the fact that it's both yummy & has health benefits is the reason why I'm hooked. reminder: just because it's healthy, doesn't mean it's not bread (carbs). Eat it like you would eat normal bread, in moderation :)

Time to chat!! How many of you are going to grab Ezekial bread the next time you hit the grocery store?


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