what to keep in your carry on

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As a person who's been on hundreds of planes since I was practically an infant, I think I've pretty much mastered the skill of packing the perfect carry-on bag. You may be thinking, "I didn't think the perfect carry-on was even a thing?" but I assure you, it is. Whenever I'm planning my outfit for a long day of traveling, there are two things I make sure to keep in mind: comfort & style. And I believe the same mindset goes for packing a great carry-on bag, too. I mean when you think about it, it makes perfect sense: you pack things that help you feel comfortable during the flight, and you pack them in a bag thats chic & stylish (cause would you expect anything less from me)! So, lets take a peek inside my ultimate carry on bag!

the bag

When you're deciding which bag to use as your carry-on, comfort should 100% outweigh style. I know, shocking; but there's been many times where I've been miserable at the airport because my cute over-the-shoulder bag would be killing me. Go invest in a stylish backpack so that you can carry it balanced on your shoulders and not have to deal with being uncomfortable.

the stuff inside


Bringing my laptop is a must when I travel. If you don't own a laptop, bring an ipod/ipad and download your favorite show or movies. It'll make the flight fly by (pun intended). Also, most flights nowadays offer on-flight wifi, so bringing a device that's not your phone will allow you to work conveniently on things like schoolwork or emails.


This goes hand in hand with the laptop/ipod/ipad. Airplanes are loud, man!! Get yourself some good headphones (I suggest these bluetooth earbuds or these headphones) so that you can actually hear what your listening to! Be prepared because trust me, those free headphones flight attendants give out are not gonna do the job; it is worth buying some good quality ones.

a book

Computers die. Phones die. Whether yours did or you've just finished your movies, having a book to read will save you from boredom. Also, plane rides are probably one of the very few places you'll actually be able to dive into a new book, or finish an old one. How often do you get to sit around for hours at home and just read? Never. So, take advantage of it!

a cardigan or jacket

Regardless of the fact that my hands and feet are constantly cold, I get especially chilly on planes. It's a good idea to pack a light cardigan that won't take up too much space in your carry-on, just in case. Plus, if you like to sleep on planes, you can bundle it up and cuddle it like a pillow! It's a two in one, how can you resist?

portable charger

Along with packing your actual phone charger & chargers for other devices, make sure you bring a portable one. Outlets aren't always accessible at airports, cars, or on flights, so a portable one makes it convenient to get juice wherever you are. It's more of a must on long flights, but even when your travel time is short, you're going to want battery power when exploring to take pictures; so bring it anyways!


We all know how painful it is when our ears wont pop on planes. To avoid this, I always make sure I have gum on me!

lip balm

I don't know about you, but the air on planes makes my face & lips dry out. Because of that, I always keep lip balm in my carry on to give me the extra moisture I need. Also, you can carry moisturizing face wipes (cetaphil has great options) that will replenish moisture and help you feel refreshed so you can take on the rest of the day!

hair tie

Cause girl you can only go with your hair down for so long, before it starts to annoy the poop outta you.

I would love to hear all of your travel bag necessities, so leave a comment & share them! P.S. I am traveling to Cabo San Lucas TOMORROW. So, follow me on Insta, Twitter, or Snap (mandadimarco) to see the beauty & activities Cabo has to offer!