da best oatmeal recipe ever

I've always been the biggest fan of granola, nuts, & oats- literally, I would pack a ziplock of oats to school & just spoon them out of the bag and into my mouth. It's safe to say they hold a special place in my heart (& tummy). But for some strange reason, I never liked oatmeal. I don't think the fact that it was always bland helped much, lol. Although, with my undeniable admiration for oats, I was determined to like it. After scrolling through numerous Pinterest & YouTube recipes & playing around with the ingredients, I actually learned how to make it right and created a recipe of my own that is just YUM asfook.

Now that I am a full-fledged, oats-in-all-forms lover, I cannot tell you how many reasons there are to love oatmeal. Making oatmeal is just fun. The gazillion different things you can add to it to make the recipe unique & whatever flavor you prefer is so enticing!! Plus, it makes me feel like I can actually cook- which if you know me, I can't; so this is a big deal. Not only do I adore oatmeal for it's versatility, but also because it's one of the few breakfast foods that has left me feeling full without being bloated or weighed down. Satisfied, I would call it.


I'm going to call this the Chocolate Banana Cinnamon Berry Swirl Oatmeal. Really, this is just how I like my everyday oatmeal. And yes, that is possibly the longest name in the world given to oatmeal.


3/4 Cup Oats (old-fashioned rolled)

1/2 Cup Chocolate Almond Milk & 1/2 Cup regular Almond Milk

Half of a Banana (mashed)

2 tsp ground Cinnamon (you can put more or less depending on your taste)

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

2 pinches of chia seeds (or flax seeds)

1 handful of dried Cranberries

1 handful of Blueberries (mashed or not mashed)

Top it with some shredded coconut, sliced almonds or other nuts, and even drizzle some local raw honey or all natural peanut butter over it!

The fun part about oatmeal, in my opinion, is how much you can play around with it, so don't be scared to! And if you make a really bomb flavor, do share it with me!!!