how I keep my skin bright & healthy!

WOW has it been a while since you guys have last seen me on here... my lack of posting has saddened me to the highest extent & I am determined to not let that happen again!! My absence was only due to the fact that it's been a crazzzy month. With 2 proms, track districts, a major funk in my sleeping pattern (which left me tired allll of the time), and countless amounts of make up work due to the biggest case of senioritis, it was hard to get anything done blog-wise. Basically, the end of the year is approaching and I have definitely been unprepared for it, lol. But HEY... I'm finally back on track & I'm r3@dy 2 r0ll.

After explaining to you all what a mess I've been recently, it's only fair to inform you of the product that has been getting through the month. Literally, without it I would've been lookin' like a straight up tired, dry, bummy, trainwreck. Introducing: the power of coconut oil. (& the power is indeed real)

I've been using this super-product for quite a while now, but I never knew of the many wonders coconut oil could do for both my health and my appearance by applying it to my skin!

If you're like me and have terrible trouble growing out the hair on your body, this will be your new best friend. Every night before I go to bed, I do my nightly skincare routine which includes washing my face, putting my moisturizer on, and applying lip balm. After those steps, I'll take a dime size amount of coconut oil, rub it between my fingers until it becomes an oil, and apply it to both my eyebrows & eyelashes. To ensure that the coconut oil is evenly spread through my brows, I take an eyebrow brush and just smooth them over. I kid you not, I've seen a visible change in the length of my eyelashes and growth in the sparse areas of my eyebrows by just applying the coconut oil religiously each night.

The other way I use coconut oil is in my morning skin care routine. Again, I begin by washing my face, exfoliating (depending on the day), and later applying lip balm; however, instead of putting on a moisturizer, I'll lather my face with a scoop of coconut oil. Now fyi, the amount of coconut oil you use may vary with your skin type or it may be too much for your skin to handle all together, but I find that my face absorbs oil very quickly. That being said, even though my face may look greasy when I first apply the oil, it quickly settles in and leaves me with the most natural looking glow. If you love the dewy look, coconut oil will give it to you without having to apply makeup. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Lucas was beginning a trend... he would always compliment the way my skin and face looked on the days that I applied coconut oil. I myself started to realize how much brighter my face appeared when I used it as a moisturizer in the mornings, so now I make sure I never go a day without it! Aside from appearance, coconut oil has made my skin feel smoother and has never made me break out. I used to struggle with dry spots near my nose, under my eyes, and on my eyelids, however after using coconut oil, those areas have become hydrated and moisturized again!

Other ways to use coconut oil:

-It's a great substitute for body lotion

-It acts as a light sunblock

-Apply it to the lips as lip balm

-Use it as a hair mask

-Put it in your smoothies (also, use it to grease pans)

-Use it to take off your makeup (I use it to do this all the time, very effective!!!)

BTW: Make sure you get coconut oil that's unrefined & extra virgin! (you can always find it at fresh market or whole foods)

What are some of your favorite ways to keep your skin feeling bright & refreshed?