earthy tones x tobi 

Hello lovelies... what beautiful weather we've been having, am I right! It's starting to feel more like summer than spring down here in good ole' Florida. Days are starting out sunny & bright and in the late afternoon/evenings, we are greeted with rain & thunder storms, but I don't mind! There's something calming about thunder and rain, especially when it's in the evening...

I am super stoked to be teaming up with Tobi for this post (& a couple more in the future, so stay tuned eeekkk!) to bring you some awesome looks that just scream spring/summer! Tobi is honestly the holy grail website for anyone who's like me and loves is addicted to online shopping, lol. Seriously, the site not only holds everything from night out dresses to daytime dresses, but they also have a variety of styles ranging from boho to edgy & chic. And as if it couldn't get any better, new customers on Tobi get 50% their first order. So, TRUST ME... it's way worth heading over to their site the next time you get to online shoppin'.

Dress: Tobi (Ellie Off The Shoulder Dress)

During this time of year, I've learned that there are two essential requirements that every outfit must meet. They should 1) be flowy or loose fitting and 2) be earthy, pastel, or neutral toned. I don't know why, but in the warmer (may, june, and july) months especially, I feel very one with the Earth; so, it only makes sense to me to dress in earthy tones all the time! This burnt orange bardot dress not only accomplishes one, but BOTH of my requirements & is also just really stinkin' adorable. 

This afternoon I drove out to Sorrento to enjoy a day of strawberry picking and milkshake drinking at a local farm! We did this last year around this time of year & it was such a fun adventure; however, when we got there today, there were no strawberries in the fields to pick! Determined to not let our day go to waste, we drove by a ranch with horses and decided to go pet them. Apparently, it is not ok to drive by a ranch and "just go pet them" because then a crazy lady on a golfcart will drive towards you yelling, "what do you think you are doing? Leave right now, this is private property!!" The things we do for good pictures, lol... But we did not let ms. debbie downer kill our day (mainly because we got enough pictures in, lol)! Later we drove into Mount Dora which is the cutest little town (great for date night!!) & ate ice cream together! Not shocking... since I guess my new motto lately has been "never say no to ice cream." *sigh*

Don't forget to go head over to Tobi & get your first order 50%!! And of course, stay on the look out for another post featuring Tobi & a chic lil' two piece set... :)

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