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While summer approaches, so does comes spring cleaning! With that being said, the first place I like to start is in the closet; shocker, right? I started to think of trends that I wanted to leave in spring & ones that I wanted to try out in summer. So, just keep reading if you want to find out what trends can give you that summer vibe we've all been dying for.

clothing trends

This spring, I feel like all I wanted to wear was floral.... and I mean floral.everything. Beautiful, refreshing blooms are just what come to mind when I think of springtime; and I did a darn good job of letting everyone know that, lol! Although with summer approaching, all I'm havin are denim daydreamzzzzzz. I want to exist solely in light denim highwaisties & distressed jackets & capris. Itchin' to try an all denim look, as well!! Not only do I want my closet to be covered with denim, but I also am feelin lace. White lace, black lace, lavender lace.. you name it. I think pairing the girly lace with the rustic denim will just look bombbbbbb. Here are some of my picks!!

1. capri jean 2. black lace bodysuit 3. destroyed long shorts in light denim 4. gingham denim boyfriend jacket 5. sweet thing lace tee 6. urban outfitters crotchet bra top 7. rag and bone boyfriend shorts

nail color

During spring, holidays like Easter make it really easy to stick to a pastel color scheme when it comes to nails. In the summer, I like to deepen up the colors & go for a more bold, but still subtle look. Blues are really good for this because there's so many shades & levels of opaqueness that you can find. I'm really diggin the metallic colors right now too! I have a penny looking color on now and I think I want to go for silver next time!

  1. worth a pretty penne opi (what I have on now!) 2. rain storm sinful colors 3. kleopatra sinful colors 4. new wave sinful colors 5. silver canvas opi


I feel like this is a ritual for every girl, but if you haven't made it one yet, you really should: put away your flat iron/curling irons for the summer. Not only will your hair thank you later, but you also won't have to worry about your straight hair frizzing from the humidity & your curls falling anymore! This is when I like to get creative with ponytails, half up half downs, braids, & buns. I really want to play around with bobby pin art too!! Anything off your face is what you should be sporting this summer! Here are a few that I want to try out.

workout or activity

If you love to work out like I do, there's definitely a few things you can do to make it more enjoyable or comfortable during the summer months! One of the first things that switches for me is what I wear. This is a perfect time to invest in a good tank with a built in sports bra or matching shorts since it's hotter outside and the less clothing while working out, the better. Second, I start to do more indoor/weight room training & pool workouts! I usually like to workout outside whether it's cardio, sprint, or strength training, but the heat can honestly be unbearable around this time of year. So, I'll try and get some outside cardio in, but then either do laps in the pool, or go inside and get toned with some weight training. One thing that I really want to start getting into is yoga. I took my first class yesterday & fell in loveeeee. Now is also a great time to try something new & get out of your comfort zone!!

  1. built in sports bra tank 2. matching shorts 3. long sports bra

I hope this made you SUPER excited for summer break & also gave you a couple ideas of how to prepare for the upcoming season! What are some of your favorite summer trends?