how to dye the tips of your hair: watch me dye mine!

As you all have probably seen on my social media accounts, I dyed my hair blue!!! Well, the tips of my hair at least. I've changed my hair color numerous times throughout my teenage years (so this isn't that big of a deal), but I've never done blue & I've also never done it myself!! Around the summertime is usually when I get bored with my hair & want to do something fun with it and if you know me, I'm definitely an impulse person... which means if I'm thinking of doing something to my hair, it will be done the next day if not that night, lol. So basically, the other day I was like you know what? I want to dye it, so I'm going to dye it. I texted my hair dresser and he was super booked for the weekend, which led me to thinking hey, I'm going to be an art student in the fall, it's time for me to experiment. lol.

I made a poll on twitter before dying it asking whether people thought I should go mint green or blue as I couldn't decide!! Although mint green won the poll, when I was mixing the dye, I couldn't get the color I wanted so I decided to play it safe & go blue. If you've been thinking of doing something cool to your hair similar to this, but are hesitant, I hope this video can help sway you to do it! If colored hair makes you happy, then rock it kid!!! Also... dying it yourself is 10x cheaper & 10x more fun!! 😜