pray for orlando

Today I woke up to the news of 50 people killed & 53 injured at a night club 25 minutes away from my own home. Yesterday my heart was heavy all day from the news of Christina Grimmie's death, which also happened 30 minutes away from my house. Orlando is not an unsafe place, but when I hear about two horrific events happening in my own backyard, it scares me. It makes me want to hide and stay home. It makes me want to shy away from big crowds that are gathered together to celebrate, to live, & even stand up for what they believe in and who they are. But hate can not win. We need a change and the only way to do that is to ensure that love wins. Because love MUST win. This single event has been deemed the deadliest massacre in the nation. It is hands down the most tragic day Orlando has seen and there is absolutely nothing that can make this day any less devastating for us. Although, the reaction of the people of Orlando, creating mile long lines to donate blood, citizens handing out snacks, sunscreen, & water to law enforcement & bystanders, & selfless people offering their help & support bring hope to this day. Hope that Orlando & it's citizens can rise above this. Hope that love can over power hate. And hope that love will win some day. For now, I will keep praying for the family & friends of the victims of this tragedy. I'll end with a quote posted on Instagram by Bella Hadid, "let's live in a world where we can love one another for our differences instead of discriminate & hate."

On another note, I will be posting a video later today on here showing you how I dyed my hair & walking you through the steps!! :)