shoulders are all the rage

orange off the shoulder top: urban (similar) // overalls: urban (similar) // blue off the shoulder top: aqua

Hey yall!!! So, Saturday morning me & kat drove up to the beach condo to meet my mom & aunt anne for a lil' girls night beach sesh. For some reason, I am always so optimistic at the beach & even when the forecast says cloudy, I imagine it to be beautiful out. After we put our suits on & headed down to the ocean, the clouds passed & it was just that!! Sun in the sky, champagne in hand, & good conversation; basically, it was the perfect beach day/evening... & yes evening, since we tend to always find ourselves in the ocean at 6:3o pm cus it's just so dang pretty out (best time to be on the beach in the summer, btw). On the way up, kat & I threw on some off-the-shoulder tops and grabbed some panera breaky. I'm telling you, this style of tops is a necessity in the summertime because wearing tank tops everyday gets a little boring. Off the shoulder tops, especially flowy ones like we wore, can sometimes look a little more fancy. So, to make it more casual, Kat styled her's with some ripped high-waistys & I threw on my favorite pair of overalls. Personally, I like how these tops look with a pair of overalls over top because it adds something to your otherwise bare shoulders. And sometimes you just want to rock your dang 'ralls!!

GUYS. Let me know in the comments or on social media if you would like to see a date night spots post soon! One of Lucas and I's favorite things to do together is go out to eat whether it's breaky, lunch, or din, & I'd love to share some of our most frequent & loved places!! If you do want to see that, comment "spill the beans" lol get it lol ok bye