Friday's Fashion & Food Finds

Photo's by: Ally Munro (Location: Johnson Square)

Friday night... A few of my girlfriends who went on the France trip with me, my roommates, and I, took to Broughton street where we had the epitome of a productive & semi-spontaneous GNO. We met up at Johnson square & then headed to Kayak Cafe for some super scrumptious tacos... the roasted lime chicken ones are fiiiiiiyya. After we all cleaned our plates and nursed our bloated bellies, we walked over to the Butchertattoo parlor, where Julia, my suitemate, proceeded to get her much planned & highly anticipated foot tat. Her tattoo artist,Kimberlywho was a doll & rocked, was so surprised because Julia felt NO pain while getting a needle pierced through the skin of her foot a million times, while Kimberly has yet to get another foot tat because the pain was that excruciating. No big deal. I just changed my earrings for the first time without fainting, so I'm basically a bad ass too, right? We celebrated Julia and her new tattoo(which looks fab btw) with some rolled ice cream atBelow Zero here in Sav, a traditional thai style of ice cream that was very intriguing & fun CAUSE IT'S FREAKIN ROLLED, but honestly, tasted pretty sub-par. We finally listened to our aching tummies (well mine at least) & called it a night.

I'm always looking for somewhere fun to explore & go on my friday nights here in Sav, so if y'all have any suggestions, comment them below & maybe I'll share my experience there in my next friday post! Until next time... xx

Bodysuit: Lululemon lab (similar)

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Target (similar)

Belt: Nastygal

Purse: Antique Market

Sunglasses: Prada (similar)