how to feel fall vibes in the south {SERIES}

The leaves begin to change from green to orange to red to brown and soon, briskly fall off and float down to cover the streets and sidewalks. The air seems cleaner, fresher; chillier. You see people start to transition from jean shorts to jeans & snuggle into warm fluffy sweaters. You say goodbye to iced coffee or you say goodbye to the feeling in your fingers. You wake up to look out the window & nature just looks crisper. The sweet smell of cinnamon bark and candy corn fill the grocery stores and smore's kits are on display for the upcoming bonfires. Fall is literally everywhere. Except not totally in the South.

It's 92◦ and humid as can be. Sure, once it hits mid September everyone starts to pretend it's fall ((because technically, as of Sept. 22, it is indeed "autumn")); however, we southern folks don't feel that magical fall vibe that northerners feel around this time of year & I want to change that!! So, welcome to my new series called ‘how to feel fall vibes in the south’!! Throughout this series, I’ll be giving you bunches of fall inspo & tips on how you can truly experience fall, even when it may not feel like it outside. So, read along and maybe I can help you get in the spirit.


 Nothing screams fall like pumpkin flavored food & beverages. Pumpkin spiced coffee, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin spiced baked goods & desserts, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin spiced tea; literally anything you can think of, give it a pumpkin flavor and you'll be dreaming of pumpkin patches and bonfires. Since coffee & tea are a couple of those things that people suddenly begin to drink more of in the fall, I decided to give the infamous pumpkin pie flavored coffee a go (because usually I'm a simple coffee & tea drinker). There's a coffee shop across the street from my drawing class (art school gotta luv it) & there is where I ordered my first iced pumpkin spiced latte. And girl let me tell you, it was absolutely scrumptious. 100% felt like I should be laying in a pile of fallen leaves & pinecones while drinking it, lol. I urge you to actually go to your local coffee shop, instead of Starbucks, and try their seasonal coffee or tea. I guarantee it's a lot less artificial tasting, a lot better in general, and probably cheaper, too. And don't worry, If you aren't into pumpkin flavored things, I got you.

Pumpkin flavor isn't for everyone, & it doesn't need to be! There are plenty of other fall flavors out there that are just as delicious. A couple teaflavors that I personally love are chai tea latte, chai, dirty chai, rooibos, caramel, peppermint, hazelnut, maple, & cinnamon. If you're more of a coffee gal, try: dirty chai, cinnamon, peppermint, caramel, or vanilla. And if you're neither a coffee or tea person, first HOW? Second, stick to a simple apple cider (with cinnamon sticks) or hot chocolate (with cinnamon, peppermint, or caramel add-ins)!! But you really should experiment and try some fall flavored coffee or tea, like c'mon dude...

Now it's your turn to help me!! What's your favorite fall flavor? Let me know in the comments.

BTW. There are 7 posts in this series (for now) which means i'll be posting parts of the series every couple of days... SO GET EXCITED & STAY TUNED.