Eating healthy in your dorm: SMOOTHIE RECIPE

One of the biggest struggles with living in a dorm while at college is having a convenient way to eat clean and healthy. And what's even more of a struggle is being able to prepare clean and fresh food in your dorm when the dining hall doesn't offer what you want or you just don't feel like making the trip there. I know where I am, toasters, portable stoves, & even blenders are prohibited in the dorms, so really all your left with is your janky microwave, lol (don't get me wrong, that can come in handy, too, but not so much for healthy meals). Breakfast is one of those things that really gives me energy for the day and I really take what I eat for it seriously. So, on days when I don't want the dining hall food, or when I sleep in and the dining hall has stopped serving hot food :-), my only real option is to eat in my dorm. I personally like to stay away from packaged & processed foods/pre-made meals where theres a lot of added sugar and who the hell knows what else, so what my 'dorm room cupboard' consists of is: bananas, almond butter, chia seeds, hemp seeds, granola, local nut mix, almond milk, & tea and coffee. Which, from the looks of that list, doesn't seem like much to work with, right? WRONG! When you get creative, and sneak a blender illegally into your dorm room, you have smoothies. So, today I'm going to share with you guys a super easy & healthy smoothie recipe that I've concocted up, and also tell you guys about two amazingly good for you products that are unbelievably convenient to store in your dorm!

Chocolate Acai Almond Butter Smoothie


-2 bananas (or however many your heart desires)

-acai powder

-cacao powder

-chia seeds

-hemp seeds

-almond butter

-almond milk


2 super products I love!!!:

Acai powder: everyone knows about the infamous acai bowls being plastered all over their instagrams & being the very reason for empty bank accounts all around the world!! However, when you're a college student, like I said, going out and buying one every morning is not realistic. I have found that you can buy the frozen acai berry smoothie packs, but 1) that takes up unnecessary room in your (tiny) fridge, & 2) unless you live close to a Whole Foods, they're almost impossible to find. What I've discovered is more accessible are the acai berry powders!!! I know for a fact that back at the fresh market where I live in Orlando, they had the acai powder & I also found them at the local health foods store here in Savannah; so that already shows me the powder is easier to find than the smoothie packs! Aside from accessibility, acai is such a super fruit because it's loaded with antioxidants. It's the perfect fruit to start your morning with!

Cacao Powder: Cacao beans are basically like natures chocolate. It's what all your chocolate delights are derived from & what you can make all of your healthy chocolate alternatives with! I love adding it in this smoothie 1) for the taste, but 2) because it's packed with antioxidants & also acts as an amazing source of iron & magnesium. The kind of Cacao powder I bought is from the same brand as the acai powder, WHICH MEANS it's as convenient to find as the acai powder! How kewl is that? :-)

What are your fav superfoods to put in smoothies?


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