halloween face paint ideas!


If you're one of those people who may 1) just be lazy or 2) prefer not to go "all out" for halloween, face paint is right up your alley! You can still get away with not dressing up if you get super creative with your face makeup/paint, & no, drawing on kitty whiskers does not count. Halloween is one of the only times you can play dress up and transform into anything your heart desires, so don't be a noob & participate. And it's fun to challenge your artistic ability, so have fun with your look too!! Keep reading below to see some of the looks we came up with. I also attached inspiration photos that we used and any youtube tutorials that helped us create these looks!





I knew I wanted to show you guys a skull look because duh, skulls are bad ass. So, I had Mikaela create this look and she went with a super simple version. The thing I love about her version is that it's so simple, she can wear a really sexy or trendy black outfit without looking like there's too much going on. Wear the look with this super chic jumpsuit from forever21! Another idea that I absolutely love is this colorful glam skull created by youtuber Nicole Guerriero (she seriously creates the sickest looks). Skulls are just classic halloween looks and it's cool to kind of make it your own. Also, if you don't want to have a full face of paint/makeup on, half skulls look awesome too!




This ones for all those gals out there that just love the sexy kitty cat look. It's time to step it up and be a dang lioness! As we mature, so do our halloween costumes, ladies. In my opinion, the lion look is better than the kitty anyways because it's more powerful. With all the contouring and bronzing you'll look super intense & fierce. Just make sure you tease your hair lots & wear an outfit that involves a fur vest like this one or neutral tones. Here's the tutorial that Julia gained her inspo from!






So, I created this look on my own & it was honestly so much fun to do! I knew I wanted to make an intergalactic galaxy girl because I wanted to do something that incorporated a bunch of colors and textures like glitter. I think the perfect way to complete this look is by throwing on a black tube top & some funky galaxy/alien bottoms like these! Creating this was a little challenging, but also exciting because you basically just free hand and keep adding colors in different areas until you get the look of the galaxy that you want. After you get that base down, you can then add in fun features like constellations, black holes, or stars! I'm going to be creating a video tutorial of this too, so look out for it sometime this week!!


If you're thinking of recreating these looks remember not to stress or worry too much if it doesn't look the exact same or if you mess up along the way. It's all about making them your own & having fun while doing it! Comment below which one was your favorite & what y'all are thinking of being this halloween💀🎃👻