3 Guilt-Free Hot Chocolate

It's finally December and I am now welcoming the cold weather, Christmas music, and oversized sweaters with big open arms. It's funny because now that I go to school in a city where the weather actually does get cold during fall and winter, I appreciate the 75 degree winters in Florida that I used to hate. But I'm mainly okay with them now because that means I get to lay out by the pool getting tan while all my friends from school freeze in the snow, lol. I do love me some Northern winters, though. There is just something so magical about sitting by the fire, seeing snowy mountains outside your window, bundling up with blankets and sweatshirts & having hot coco between your freezing hands. But after about a week of that, I'm like okay I've had enough, where's the beach, lol! #FloridaGirlForever

I think the one thing everyone can agree on about the Holidays though are the yummy treats that come with it. I thought I'd share a couple healthy alternatives to Hot Chocolate because Hot Chocolate is one of my favorite treats to indulge in around this time of year. I wanted to come up with a healthy version of this so that us people who are sensitive to dairy or just healthy eaters in general, don't miss out on holiday fun and keep our health and fitness progress in tact. The great thing about healthy alternatives to yummy treats is that you're satisfying both your cravings and your body by feeding it nutritious foods instead of artificial or processed ones. I came up with a plain hot coco recipe, as well as two other holiday flavors that are too good to resist; this way you have options and can switch it up each night, ya feel? The main ingredient that makes these recipes healthier options is the cacao powder. It's packed with magnesium, iron, and dietary fiber and is considered a mayan superfood! Plus, it truly tastes like the sugary, buttery chocolate we all love (just 10x better for you). Anyways, if guilt-free sparks your interest, then keep reading below to learn how to create this tasty treat!

Guilt-free Hot Chocolate

Plain Hot Coco

❅Spoonful of Cacao Powder

❅Fill mug with desired amount of Vanilla Almond milk

Mix the Cacao powder with hot water or hot almond milk in mug until melted completely. Then, fill the mug with the melted cacao powder in it with vanilla almond milk to desired amount and heat in microwave for 2-3 minutes.

Mint Chocolate

❅Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk

❅Vanilla Almond Milk

Fill about 1/4 of the mug with mint chocolate coconut milk and fill the rest with vanilla almond milk. Heat for 2-3 minutes.


Eggnog Almond Milk

Cacao powder


Mix the Cacao powder with hot water or hot almond milk in mug until melted completely. Then, fill the mug with the melted cacao powder in it with eggnog almond milk and heat in microwave for 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle ground cinnamon and stir. 

Of course, hot chocolate wouldn't be as yummy without delicious toppings, so either treat yourself by adding in some organic marshmallows, candy cane/peppermint pieces, or whipped cream, OR you can keep it guilt-free by adding in some cacao nibs. I like adding the cacao nibs in because it adds texture to your drink like chocolate chips would!

Let me know if you try any of these out and tell me which flavor you like best! What's your favorite holiday treat? ❄︎ ❆ ❅