Grain-free Overnight "Oats"

Hello beautiful people. I'm actually amazed I found the time to get a blog post written and posted this week. I have copious amounts of homework/projects to complete by Thursday and other little errands to run before my birthday on Saturday. OH YEAH MY BIRTHDAY IS SATURDAY! While birthday's are fun and all, I'm mostly just excited because my whole fam, plus Lucas, will be here to see me and we're gonna have lots of fun and eat bunches of yummy food. Being in college really makes you appreciate the little things like quality breakfast, lunches, & dinners you don't have to pay for, lol.

Anyways, I recently made a slight change in my diet, so I've been experimenting with foods & drinks to get a little creative with what I'm eating and keep it exciting! I'm not going to go too in depth with the changes I've made because it's a fairly new switch (& I'll tell more when I'm well into it), however, I will say that I've cut out carbs/sugars almost completely. The reason this is a "slight" change for me is because I almost always avoided grains, breads, pastas, & other carbohydrates that contained lots of gluten and sugars, as they never sat well with me & left me very bloated. The only carbs I did eat came from veggies & fruit, with the occasional rice and oatmeal. Which is why you can understand the need for a grain-free oatmeal recipe in my life, lol!

The way I make my overnight "oats" is grain-free and, depending on what you choose to include or not, dairy-free. So, it's basically chia seed pudding; however, I add nuts & seeds, like I would do to my oatmeal, which is why I'm calling it overnight "oats." Just go with it. This breakfast is seriously the most comforting, buttery, smooth, and delicious thing I have ever tasted & the best part is that it's so simple. Also, you have total control over whatever toppings you want or don't want to add, don't feel like just because I added it you have to! So, if you love quick, healthy, & easy breakfasts, this ones for you!


-chia seeds (you can opt for hemp hearts OR BOTH!)

-coconut milk (or almond milk)

-coconut oil or MCT oil





-preferred nuts

-preferred seeds

-hemp hearts


With ghee, coconut oil, and/or MCT oil:

Pour about a cup (I'm so bad with measurements I usually just eyeball it) of coconut milk into a blender. Add in a tablespoon of ghee & a half tablespoon of coconut or MCT oil. Blend until the milk, ghee, and oils are completely combined and pour mixture into a bowl or mason jar. Next, pour about half a cup of chia seeds into the mixture and stir. Once the chia seeds have been mixed in, cover, and store in the fridge overnight.

Without ghee or oils:

Pour about a cup of coconut milk into a bowl or mason jar. Then, pour about half a cup of chia seeds into the milk & stir. Once the chia seeds have been mixed in, cover, and store in the fridge overnight.

In the morning:

When it's time to eat breakfast the next morning, all you gotta do is take it out of the fridge, stir it up, pour into a bowl, and add your favorite toppings & spices! My favorites are cinnamon, shaved almonds, & sunflower seeds!

This breakfast is super nourishing because it's loaded with healthy fats that will keep you full & boost your brain power/energy for the day. Leave a comment down below or on any of my socials if you give this a try! Also, if you get creative and make your own version of this recipe, definitely share it with me! Have a wonderful rest of your week & hopefully I'll back soon with an outfit post!