my top health tips!

Greetings pretty people! Before we get into the topic of todays post, I wanted to say that I cannot express how lucky I feel to have family, friends, and a boyfriend who are so down right rad. This past weekend I celebrated my 19th birthday and all of the people that I love got to come up to Savannah and celebrate it with me. Surrounding myself with good, genuine people is very important to me and I feel insanely blessed that those people not only are a part of my life, but pressed the pause button on theirs to be with me this past weekend. Like I said, my people are rad. But enough about me!

I wanted to pop in and talk about my top health & wellness tips. After a weekend like this past one filled with lots of food (that I shouldn't eat, but of course I did...), drinking, and not working out, I feel like I need to take my own advice and listen to these tips to get back on track, lol! I know a lot of you are still carrying out your fitness goals from the new year or getting ready to kick it into spring break bod mode, so I figured it's the perfect time to share some healthy habits with y'all! Before we get into the tips though, I want to really stress to you guys that getting healthy starts from within. You must must must heal your body and get it right internally to see any external results. Whether its getting your mind in a good place or tweaking your diet a bit, I promise it's vital to start from the inside.

tip #1: hydrate

More specifically, REhydrate. You'd be surprised at how dehydrated all of our bodies are. The most important thing I can stress to people trying to get more fit and healthy is to drink more water. This'll just help get your body right internally, flush out the toxins, and stop your body from craving things it doesn't really want. I know for some people, remembering to drink water is a struggle. I suggest carrying around a good-sized, good quality (and cute) water bottle, so that 1) you can save money & plastic by refilling it throughout the day & 2) so water is literally in front of your face at all times, basically forcing you to remember to drink it. The first thing I do in the morning is go straight for the fridge and pour myself a glass of water. Doing that will help to rehydrate your body and kick start your digestion for the day.

tip #2: low glycemic veggies

If you have a troubled digestive system (feeling bloated, gassy, irregular bowel movements), try sticking to low glycemic vegetables. These types of veggies are easiest for your body to digest & because they digest slower, they keep you fuller for longer. Some examples of these include spinach, kale, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, broccoli, onions, brussels sprouts, etc. This isn't too hard for me because those are basically every veggie that I love, but if you aren't a big fan of any of these, I still suggest giving them a try anyways to see how you feel after eating them. If they leave you full without being uncomfortably bloated, they're probably a good choice for you. Try sautéing them and throwing in some spices for taste.


tip #3: eat more fat

I know, did I just tell you to eat MORE fats even though you're trying to LOSE fat? Yes. And here's why. Fat keeps you satiated. Meaning that the more fat you eat, the longer you'll stay full. Now when I say this, I don't mean to go eat fried chicken from KFC or hit up Wendys for a cheeseburger dinner, I mean to start incorporating healthy fats into your everyday diet. Staying away from fast food places like the ones I mentioned above is paramount because fats from those places are most likely highly processed, which is no bueno. Some of my favorite healthy fats include coconut oil, almonds & seeds, avocados, bacon, raw cacao butter, fish, eggs, & other grass-fed meats! The key is healthy fats. Again: be careful of highly processed oils your food is cooked with because thats where you can slip up and consume fats that aren't so good for you.

tip #4: snacking with nuts

There is no shame in being a snacker. Whether we're on long drives, sitting through boring classes, studying for tests or doing homework, we tend to need snacks to keep us focused and motivated (and sane). The only reason snacking gets a bad rep is because it's really easy to overeat the thing we're snacking on. It's also easy to eat when we're bored, so make sure before you do you ask yourself, "Am I actually hungry? Do I actually need this snack? Or am I just bored?" Instead of snacking on sugary foods (even natural sugars like fruit), try switching to nuts. Almonds, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews- whichever is your preference! Like I said before, nuts will keep you fuller longer than fruit will because they're healthy fats and not sugar. They should tide you over until you eat your next meal. But hey, if fruit suits you, stick with fruit! Remember, everything I'm saying is just a suggestion.

tip #5: stay active

I'm not going to tell you to go get a gym membership and get yourself to workout 5 times a week. If you already do that, great! If you want to do that, go for it! However, I know not everyone has the drive or passion for working out and that's okay. As long as you're walking your dog every morning, biking to the store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, moving your body throughout the dayyour body will benefit. Now don't expect to start taking the stairs and feel lighter and healthier if you're eating a crap diet. It all starts with the diet (abs are made in the kitchen not the gym), but getting out and being active on top of a healthy diet will help maintain your body and help you feel better internally as well.

tip #6: listen to your body

If you're craving fruit, eat fruit. If you're craving oatmeal, eat the oatmeal. Your body knows what it needs and if you really focus on listening to it, you can nourish and satisfy it without getting frustrated or angry with yourself. I know you're thinking: well if I listen to my cravings I'll eat all of the cookies in the pantry and dip them in nutella, as well. I promise, you won't. The only reason you're binging on junk food or treats is because you're most likely restricting yourself. You might be craving pancakes, but instead eat eggs because you want to be healthy. And then you eat the eggs and are still craving the pancakes so you end up making them as well. If you try and curb your craving with other foods, you're just going to end up eating both of the foods. Just give your body the thing it's craving and move on. Also, another reason you're "craving" foods that are bad for you could be because you're letting your mind think for your stomach. Again, your tummy knows what it wants, don't think for it.

tip #7: mindset

Going off of the last tip, one meal will not ruin your progress. If you have pancakes for breakfast one morning, but eat a salad for lunch and some veggies and fish for dinner, you will not gain weight from those two pancakes you ate earlier. Wake up the next morning, be active, and eat right. You do not gain weight from one meal. I promise. It's okay to allow yourself a meal or treat, the only time you fall into a bad habit is if you're allowing yourself those things all day everyday. Stay positive, be kind to your body, and give it a break here and there. You will never accomplish your goals if you're overworking your body in the gym or getting it stressed over the bowl of granola you ate last night. Be kind to it and it will respond. 

I hope you were able to take something away from these tips whether it's something small or big! If you crave a healthier, happier lifestyle, it all starts with you. Do some research, figure out what works for you, and kill it girl. AND REMEMBER. I am not a nutritionist, so please if you're looking for more of a solution rather than just tips, go talk to a doctor/naturopath/dietician!