last minute v-day gift ideas!

Valentines day is TOMORROW??? I seriously don't know how it's already february 13th, I feel like this month has been flying by & I'm not sure if I'm okay with that. I also think it's just cruel to have valentines day on a week day when school, projects, LIFE prohibits some of us from celebrating & being with our sig other. This will be the first v-day in 2 years that I spend alone. Sigh. Thank goodness for FaceTime, though! Anyways, I wanted to make a Valentine's day post a lot earlier, but like I said, the 14th snuck up on me, so here I am posting one the day before. BUT IT'S OKAY. Because if you're like me and didn't realize valentines day is happening, like tomorrow, this post is for you because I'm sharing a few adorable ideas for last minute v-day gifts. All of these ideas are super affordable, accessible, & for the most part, simple! The key to a good gift is making the receiver feel like you really know them & understand who they are/what they like. For example, I'd much rather receive a box of healthy, nutritious dark chocolate & a snuggly stuffed animal over a materialistic item that doesn't bring me joy or resonate with me. So, when buying a v-day gift, think about the person, keep it personal, thoughtful, & playful (bc valentines day is all about cheesy romantic shizniz).



favorite candy package: run up to walmart, grab your mans fav candies, put it in a cutely decorated gift box, & BAM. He'll be one satisfied boy. And you can share all the candy, too. It's a win-win.

love letter: it really can be as simple as that. This goes for both a guy and a girl. You'll be surprised at how much a handwritten letter about how much you love someone can mean to that person. Everyone likes knowing they're loved.

favorite underwear: for some reason it's always about the girl's undies?? But don't worry guys, I didn't forget about your undie-needs. What guy wouldn't love a bunch of new, comfy underwear?? Plus, guys look cute in undies, hehe.

sweats: again, mainly because your man will look sexy af wearing them. But just like us girls love our loungewear, so do our men! (this or this)

wallet: so he doesn't lose the money he's paying for dinner with :-) lol. But seriously. (this or this)

sexy photos//scrapbook of photos: treat your dude to some print out photos of yo sexy self!! I mean this is Valentines Day... plus, taking them will make you feel good about yourself. Body posi yo.

food: do I even have to explain why. Cook your love some dinner, take him out to his favorite restaurant, anything involving food will make him a happy camper.


cute fuzzy socks/slippers: If your girl is always putting her feet on you to keep them warm (lucas knows this all too well), then this is your solution to ending that right now!! Besides, no girl will turn down fuzzy socks or slippers. And if your girl does, theres something wrong with her...... no, seriously, there's something wrong with a girl that doesn't appreciate fun socks/slippers. My picks: 1, 2, 3 (so cute omg)!

undies/bralette set: omit the lingerie and buy us a matching bralette & underwear set. Lingerie is only fun to wear on occasion, but a bralette & undie set we will practically live in. We'll actually love you forever. My picks: 1, 2, 3, 4!

flowers: because they're pretty & smell nice & we like things that are pretty & smell nice. Pair with her favorite chocolate and your golden.

favorite coffee/tea: if you show your girl you know her favorite kind of coffee/tea, that's a huge score for you. Trust me, it'll mean so much to her. Plus, coffee makes your girl happy in the morning and not grumpy and I promise you want that.

bubble bath set: a scented bath paired with strawberries & tea (or wine if it's one of those kinda nights) is the perfect formula for unwinding. It's also pretty neat cus your girl could enjoy a bubble bath alone or you can join in ;). My picks: 12, 3!

comfy sweater: we love to lounge in comfy shit, that's why we take all of your clothes. So just buy us comfy shit & we won't have to steal from you, ok!!!! My picks: 1, 2, 3, 4!

good book: go on the bestsellers list and pick out a book you know she hasn't read. If she loves to read, this is such a thoughtful & more of a hey-I-know-you-like-this-stuff kind of gift which is always the best. Example

cute stationary//pencils: I'm not sure if other girls would get as excited about receiving pencils with the cutest cheesiest sayings and quotes on them, but I'd eat that shit up. Or little notepads with adorable designs and pretty colors. See, we are not THAT hard to please. My picks: 1, 2, 3, 4!

I hope all of you have a lovely valentines day filled with chocolate, flowers, movies, laughter, comfy clothes, & surrounded by the person (or people) you love! And remember, if you're single this valentines day, treat yourself. Make this day about loving & celebrating you. You deserve it.