Almond Butter Power Balls


Happy March, my lovelies! Every morning for the past couple of weeks the sun has been shining, birds have been chirping, and the grass has made the air smell so dewy and moist. I know Spring Equinox isn't until the end of March, but friends, spring is pretty much here!! At least in Savannah, and I'm so happy about it. It's just such a bright, hopeful, & beautiful season! Makes me so excited for beach days, pool workouts, fruit water, morning runs, SMOOTHIES. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. I am not here to talk to you all about Spring, even though I probably could all day, lol (I just love it). Recently I bought some almond butter from the whole foods store near me and since I don't eat bread, I've been struggling to figure out how to eat it. Sure, I can put it in my smoothies, dip celery into it; but I wanted to figure out a way where I would be able to fully taste the almond butter and not just get subtle notes of it. I also wanted to create a snack that would give me a good dosage of both protein and healthy fats. I remembered these protein power balls I used to make back when I used to eat oats and it totally inspired me to create these little grain-free power balls. Like all of the little snacks and treats that I come up with, they're so easy to play around with and make your own! Definitely cater to your tastebuds when making these and have fun with it! Also, don't be afraid to getcha hands dirty. There's basically no getting around that; but hey, at least you get to lick the goods off your hands when you're done. Is that still a thing when you're an "adult"?

Coconut Hemp Balls

-1 tbsp almond butter

-shredded coconut

-hemp hearts


Salted Cacao Chip Balls

-1 tbsp almond butter

-cacao powder

-cacao nibs

-pink salt

-chia seeds


Rub your hands in some coconut oil before you start and then scoop out a tbsp of almond butter. Roll it into a ball-like shape and then into either your cacao powder or shredded coconut until it's almost completely covered. Top with the toppings I listed above and stick in the freezer overnight! If you're using all-natural, fresh ground almond butter, once you take them out of the freezer they may melt faster, but as long as you don't mind a softer texture you're a-okay!

Let me know if you give these a try & have a happy happy day.