Favorite Places To Shop For Bathing Suits


I might be the only girl in florida that doesn't own a plethora of bathing suits. Legit, I think I have 3. It's actually hilarious because I am ALWAYS either swimming, tanning, going to the beach, or doing something else that involves wearing a swimsuit during the warmer months & I guess I just rotate between those 3, lol. Because of my sad swimsuit situation, I'm determined to step up my game this spring/summer. Like it's that bad. I'm truly a disgrace to florida culture.

The only justification I have for my lack of bathing suits is that I find them to be SUCH an investment. Tops and bottoms are always sold separately, with good reason because I'm not the same size top/bottom, but it makes buying suits so expensive. Also, it needs to fit and fit well. I'm not one of those chicks that only buys a bikini to look good in. When I'm at the beach I like to go in the ocean and get tossed around by the waves, I like to play football with the guys in my fam; I need to make sure my swimmie isn't gonna fall off!! So for me, theres a lot that goes into bathing suit shopping. Mainly, it comes down to quality and price. Luckily, I have like years of online shopping experience and have kept track of all of my fav sites. So, if you're like me and desperately need to step up your swimsuit game, here are a few of my favorite sites to get ya started!


Zaful is awesome because you can literally buy a bikini or one piece for as low as $11. Yes, $11. Now you must be thinking, "okay, what's the catch?" Well, the catch is that the quality won't be the best. I've ordered a lot of clothes from Zaful in the past and to be honest, 90% of my purchases i've been happy with; so don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the qualities always crap. You just have to prepare yourself for the possibility of it being crap quality is all. But I mean c'mon girls, an $11 bikini that's cute AF is well worth the risk.


Oh, good ole Targ├ęt. Target is one of those places that I consider the holy grail because 1) it has everything & 2) it's affordable. If you've never bought clothes or swimsuits at target, first of all, what are you doing??? Second of all, you don't know that it can truly be a hit or miss. I went to target the other day actually and walked out with 2 jumpsuits and a maxi dress when my only intention was to buy a plate, lol. But sometimes you can go into target and look through the women's section not finding anything at all. Let me tell you though, spring is definitely their best season; so go now! Like I said, swimwear is super affordable and they're usually all very wearable.


Asos is one of those online stores that I forget about for like months and then randomly go on and wonder why I've forgotten about this magical place. It's another store that truly has everything (which is my favorite kind of store). I recently just bought 2 one pieces (they came in a 2-pack!) from asos for legit only $28. What's even better about this store is that they offer student discounts. So, as long as you have a student email address, they'll provide you with a 10% discount code that doesn't expire until AFTER you graduate. How sick is that?!?!?


Swell is an online beach/surf shop that my friend and I found when we were literally in middle school. It's filled with all of your beach necessities from beach towels, wetsuits, & bikinis, to surfboards, cameras, outdoor gear & more. They also sell clothing, footwear, and accessories too; so yes, you can spend hours on here. As far as pricing goes, I would probably compare it to Urban Outfitters affordability. It's mostly brands like Volcom, Rvca, & Quicksilver; so it's a perfect place for bathing suit shopping.

Everything But Water

Like I said, bathing suit shopping can definitely be an investment. But to be honest, everyone needs that one bathing suit that is top notch quality and always looks bomb when you wear it. If you're looking to purchase a suit you know you're going to wear for a while and you want to last, check out Everything But Water. It's very pricey, not gonna lie, but you do get what you pay for.


Never forget about the department stores! Not only do they have everything, but they pretty much hold every style, size, & trend you could ever want. Bloomies is my favorite department store just because I find they hold the chicest brands; however, I know it can get expensive. This is where the beauty of sales racks comes in!! You can find some pretty awesome things if you dig. Also, when you're at a place like Bloomingdales, don't forget to look for swim suit coverups!! They always have the cutest one.

Local Surf Shops

Sometimes the best suits are found in the most unexpected places. Now I know at the beaches where I'm from, Daytona, there's not many "chic" swim shops. It's all super touristy. However, if you're ever exploring, keep your eyes open for local surf shops. Some of my all time favorite suits have been purchased at a local beach/surf shop. My favorite one is Mad Dog Surf Shop in Ponce Inlet/Daytona area!

I hope this helped you guys on your bathing suit quest! HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE. So excited for beach, lake, & pool days omg!! See, this is why we all need to get new swimmies.