A Day In The Park


I suck. I know. It's been over a month since I've posted, but you know what, that's life & I really ain't stressin 'bout it. Sometimes you just feel like an uninspired loser and that was me during my absence on here, hahaha.

It's finally spring, aka mands favorite time of the year, & what's cool about this spring season is that I'm getting to experience it in a totally new environment. Spring in Savannah is very different than spring in Orlando. And don't get me wrong #floridaforever, but I think I'm enjoying Georgia spring more than spring back home. It's high 70's during the day, low 60's at night; I mean, come onnnn? We get the best of both worlds up here AND without the humidity. What I love about being in a place where you feel the seasons change is that the places you go and the things you do change as well! So far, it's been all about pool days, thanks to our dorm's new pool. Side note: the pool is right outside of my dorm room window & now if I want to change with the blinds up, I can't without flashing half of the class of 2020. So really, thanks new dorm pool; lovin' the invasion of privacy. Anyways, my roommate and I have decided to incorporate weekend picnics in the park to our list of "spring things to do in Sav." Okay, we don't really have a list. But now that I think about it, maybe I'll make one.

I've been diggin' bra straps and off the shoulder tops these past few days, I think it'll definitely become a spring trend for me. Like "90's grunge girl at a fragrant garden" is how I want to dress this spring. You get me? No? If you don't just check the photos below, Mik and I pretty much nailed it. I mean, the purple lip, spot on. We're weirdos, but I love it. I'm reading Big Little Lies solely because I need a new show to watch while I do art homework, and I really want to watch the TV series of this book. But I'm that annoying person who refuses to watch the TV version before I read the book, so yeah. Is anyone else reading that book or watching the series?? Not sure how I'm feelin' about it...

Anyways, here are pics of Mik and I having a picnic and being happy little butterflies.

Forsyth Park, April 8th, 2017.

Stay tuned for a blog post on all the essentials to make the perfect picnic!